What are you giving up for Lent?


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Im giving up pork chops because i gave up on them long ago

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What is Lent?

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I'm giving up being nice to cats.

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Ray Dart
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I chase them away, nicely,and try to make sure my fences, walls and hedges are in as good nick as I can. It makes no difference, they still get in, ruin my seedbeds, kill birds (I picked up another dead, mauled Collared Dove yesterday) and poop wherever they like. If I were to inflict the same level of inconvenience on the owners, or the same level of cruelty on the cat, I'd probably make the national press. The RSPB estimates (and they agree it may be an underestimate) that around 8,000,000 birds are killed by domestic cats in the UK, many of them on the endangered list. Birds that are predominantly ground feeders have been particularly badly hit. A wildlife camera set up in my garden for 2 days, late last year caught 3 different cats there, two were hiding near to the bird feeders. There is nothing good in a cat.
Danae Hitch
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Wow. You're really having problems with cats, Ray. I can't believe that people just let their pets outside and don't monitor them. Even though I have 2 cats, they've never roamed the neighborhood and caused havoc, especially to the extent of what you're describing.
Ray Dart
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A lot of cat owners are responsible, but most (here in the UK) are not. It is also pretty much accepted that cats have a "right to roam".

I gave up trying to actually grow anything in my kitchen garden two years ago - It's particularly galling since I actually bought the land from the local farmer 15 years ago, just for that purpose.

You have the right to shoot a dog in this country that is "worrying" (quaint expression) livestock, but not a cat. (Who take many times more lives).

Hey.... stuff happens. I'm not living in Syria........
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i'm giving up drinking/smoking

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