Have You Given Up Anything For Lent?


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Caffeine, man what a challenge.. I love my mountain dew!! How bout your self?
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I have given for many reasons,tithe, blessing and fasting but that is between me and God to be blessed in secret/behind closed doors as God see's fit.
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I have given up nothing - ran out of beer yesterday, does that count?
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I have given up answering questions posed by the feeble minded such as those on this page. If you do not agree with other people's beliefs, at least give them the courtesy not to be mocked. It's strange how you mock things are are not provable or cannot be proven to be a positive. It shows when you mock, you have never been taught tolerance. It's a wonder this country survived. Do you know why this country was formed, it was because of intolerance in the UK and Europe that inspired the pilgrims to leave their lands, and you were the recipient of their struggles.
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I gave up candy and videogames.
The whole point of Lent is giving up something you love to spend more time with God.
It's funny watching people try to bend the rules of their promise, a girl I know gave up all chocolate but then she ate a Swiss Role and tried to say she gave up hard chocolate, which makes no sense!
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Oh, i fasted for a week.
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I was not raised in a religion that observed lent, and I am now an Atheist.
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That's very sad. I feel bad for you. Is it hard for your family?
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My parents passed on 25 years ago, but I never got around to telling them. None of my current family, husband, children and grandchildren are religious.
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I gave up following directions from a 2000 year old book, and gave up listening to someone else telling me what to do.
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Eating sweets!Not that I ate many before.being a catholic I have to try something. I liked your giving up self denial.
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Naughty Things I Should Not Have Like Candy.. Oreos..  This Is Good  Because I Love Chocolate
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No, because I believe that God WANTS you to take care of your body 24/7 365 days a year....and not just for Lent. That is way too much crap for me to digest.

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