Should religious symbols in public buildings be banned?


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If said symbols can be reasonably deemed to directly promote or benefit one brand of religious faith, above or to the exclusion of others, then yes. 

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Public buildings? If you mean US government buildings, I would say a resounding YES. If you mean Target, that then would be up to Target.

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Yes,i did mean Government Buildings,thank you.
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Many evangelicals in the US (if I remember correctly you're from OZ) think the US is a christian nation, based on christian principles, but it is in fact not a christian nation and not based on christian principles. It was most likely the first secular nation in the modern era.
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I don't think so. Some people look at a religious symbol and if they don't beling to that religion, they say it makes them feel either left out or thy are being force that religion down their throat. I don't believe that either case to be true. Often times religion is closely tied to the history of a town/city/state/country. To remove the symbol os to remove part of the history.

For example, my home town has a city seal that shows a cross, a heart, and an anchor. Someone who didn't even live in the city complained and brought in some activist group to sue. The complaint said they felt the cross and religious symbols on the seal were making non-Christians feel "like second-class citizens."

Everyone I know and from the numerous social media comments all felt this was a bunch of bull. The founders of are city believed in faith, hope and charity, and that is what the symbols stand for. There is no particular faith supported in th city, with the exception of the faith in  our fellow man to do the right thing.

The lawsuit was brought about in Sept. Of 2013. The city still has their seal. Seeing as people of all faiths, Christian and non-Christian, and those who chose no faith all stood up for the seal, there claim of being treated as a second class citizen didn't hold up.

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I think the danger of just having 1 or even a couple of religious symbols,as you said, is that people will feel compelled to follow that religion. I think the safest way to please everybody is to have a blanket ban on all religious symbols so the government can not be accused of favouritism.
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Have you ever been to city meeting? Very few people are compelled to do or agree with anything they didn't agree with before they went in. We have faith in our community. That is the only faith they city asks of anyone.
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I mentioned this before but its literally on our money....that seems pretty government worthy-display to me!

I don't think having symbols in public should be important to religious groups. Unless they are using their religion as a tool to shape minds and or make money.

I honestly dont care much either way.

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To me it's dependable.

For instance, however that i'm not religious that much, yet i'm disagree with the removal of the "In god we trust" motto out of our currency. Some symbols are a basic, a foundation and goes as a "stand" of our country. We like it or not our country built with religious and Christianity. We can't remove some certain symbols which actually is part of our definitions.

But in some particular public buildings yes i would be agreed , it must be stop from the view as much as possible  since we have a choice of choosing our religion then there's no reason to showing off the religious beliefs, when someone choose to practice no religion at all but they have to see religions everywhere.

Religious people get bothered when atheist come through and talk or observe their outlooks. Athiest and others will be bothered to see religions showing off their beliefs everywhere and anywhere specially in a land so called free as it is as well.

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Religious symbols are on all sorts of branding take for example Alfa Romeo has the red cross and a snake wearing a crown and eating a human. The Griffin, the All seeing eye, the obelisk, the Goat of Mendes, the skull, the staff of Mercury and Hermes, the Green Man (odin), the pentagram, are all religious symbols.  If all religious symbols are banned from public anything, there won't be many symbols about because they are linked to history and culture and the tribes and coats of arms of the rich. We do live in a world of class divide and most of us are the labour ie the "working class," so these symbols may not mean much to the us. We don't see ourselves living in Rome or Babylon anymore and only tend to include religion in it's current forms. If we open our eyes we would see that religious symbolism is all around us.

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Any buildings that benefit from taxes collected from citizens needs to be free from ANY religious ties. Whether it be a verse, etched into a corner stone, or a religious symbol embossed over the door . . .

People can do as they like with privately owned and privately operated buildings and business, as soon as they collect funding from Town, State, or federal resources, it is now representing the good of the people as a whole.

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