Is judaism and Christianity a serpent cult? Moses turns a snake into brass in the desert and heals people and Jesus compares to a snake on a pole. Hermes carried a snake on a pole, Mercury teo snakes on a pol, and Buddha had a serpent above him.


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The instances you stated in your question are just stories passed down through thousands of years. I'm sure the word serpent is just a synonym for something else.

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Serpents and Snakes have been symbolic in many religions.

The definition of "Cult" fits all religions if one regards its initial meaning:

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Thank you Dark Majinn, that's an interesting name you call yourself :)
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Yes, it's an "Online Gamers" handle.
Earlier days It was "Ronin", but that was usually the first to go but Dark Majinn is usually there. Majinn is from "Majinn Bu" in Dragon Ball Z
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Thinking of either Judaism or Christianity as a "serpent cult" is not going to help you understand either Judaism, Christianity, or the phrase "serpent cult."

"Serpent cult" is a phrase with a more specific meaning that is not apparent by simply looking up the definition of "cult" and adding "serpent" to that word to create that phrase.

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Thank you for answering Tom. Maybe I shouldn't use the term serpent culture, I simply meant religions that worshipped the snake as a symbol of fertility, healing and wisdom. What did Moses represent with his brass snake, and what did it mean by referring to the Son of Man
in this way. John 3.14?
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The serpent was a reference to Jesus: He died on a cross, and all who 'look' to him receive healing from the 'wounds' of their sins.

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