I'm a Muslim and I'm try to pray to God but my demon is big and is stopping me from doing prayers I need a good tip to do my prayers again?


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If you believe in God, then your God is bigger then your demon. Seems so many people that believe in God and demons, yet the demons have more power then their God. It actually sounds more like you have a problem with what you see as your responsibilities, rather than a mythical demon.

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I'm posting this to indicate that the questions does involve concepts that we Christians deal with also:

Islam recognizes the existence of jinn, which are sentient beings with free will that can co-exist with humans (though not the genies of modern lore). In Islam, evil jinn are referred to as the shayātīn or demons/devils, with Iblis (Satan) as their chief. Iblis was one of the first jinn; he disobeyed Allah and did not bow down before Adam refusing to acknowledge a creature made of "clay". Thus, Iblis was banished from Jannah(Heaven). He asked for respite until the Last Day (Judgement Day), when he vowed to make mankind fall and deny the existence of their creator, to which Allah replied that Iblis would only be able to mislead those who were not righteous believers, warning that Iblis and all who followed him in evil would be punished in Hell.

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How about you get off your knees and stop talking to yourself, make life happen for yourself instead. The call to prayer is self-cancelling if you believe your god already has a plan for your life. Nothing you do, say, or pray will change any outcome if this is so. Think on it.

Two hands working are more productive than a thousand clasped in prayer. 

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Satan is with everyone and his only mission is to deviate us from the right path. Pray from your true heart to Allah that he makes you faithful. Allah is always with you! We only have to give a few minutes each time we pray to Allah...just few minutes, and we only have to pray nothing more difficult. Yes it is difficult to kill your nafs (ego) but that is the best of all. By praying you will build a connection with Allah and there would be an internal peace in your life and you will automatically want to stay away from all bad deeds then. It's really great that you've realized that you should stay away from Satan and should engage in good deeds. That's a sign from Allah that you still recognize your faults and want to overcome them. Satan will always misguide you but it's your job to make your heart brave enough to fight him!

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