Success in life means money." ??


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That could be one aspect. It would depend on your perspective or "What is successful".

The best gauge for success is happiness.

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Not necessary! I read that money has power.  It can buy fine homes, elegant wardrobes, and dazzling furnishings. It may also buy adulation, compliance, or flattery, even producing a few temporary and obliging friends. But that is about as far as the power of money goes. What we need most, money cannot buy—the love of one true human friend, peace of mind, a crumb of heartfelt solace in the hour of death. And for those who cherish their relationship with the Creator, money cannot buy God’s approval.

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not really I mean it can help u along the way. But if anything its anything but money such as family, friends, talents, sports, music, grades... It can be whatever. If u love something, then you need to strive to be better and that alone can help you be a better person and live a successful life.

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Not a lot of money. It means you have a home, food, and other bills are paid. It means you have people whom you love and care for and that love and care for you.

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