What Is More Important In Life, Money Or Relations?


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Man has different importance of different thing in life. Some people give importance to materialistic gains and they go on working hard day and night to achieve them. They don't bother much about other things and always involved in their achievements. On the other hand there is a class of people who give importance to relations and they keep themselves busy in maintaining them and strengthening them. Now we come towards the question that what is more important in life money or relations, it can be justified like this.

As I told you above that different people have different importance in life but in my opinion relations are more important than money. No doubt you can earn a lot of money if you run madly behind it and forget all the other things including relations but when you will look behind you will find no relations in contact wit you because you have already lost them in the struggle of getting money. Money can provide you only material gains while relations provide you inner satisfaction, which is necessary for your soul. I hope you have understood my point of view.
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Hi this is Afzal,
In My View both are important in life, as the question what is MORE important will and must be relations, truth about life is, it will end one day, keeping this point in mind.. Money will make the journey of life easy, and relations make the journey beautiful and lively, money can be earned(with lots of hard work) and relations have to be maintained and gained(with lots of love and affection), Money can buy things, materials, which for a moment make you feel happy, but its MOMENTARY, Relations when true make every moment filled with happiness, money CAN motivate to a extent, relations will motivate to the fullest, money cannot be carried after end of life, nor relations, but relations will be the one coming to mind when you in trouble, when at the edge of life. Money is no doubt important and required, but relations are essential.
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Relation is more important than money because with money can not buy all things in life like
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I say money is the root of all evil. When we die, does it matter how much money you make? Relations are going to be there for you if you are down, need someone to talk to or whatever the case may be. So I think relation is more important in life.
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Well for me if you don't have relations you can t earn money ....  I have lived a small span of my life traveling and making money ... All my life I have been in different relationships ... Either its with my mother ... My brother ... My girl friends ... My friends ... My fellow beings ... Helping brothers and sister ... Killing evil ...  Thus if you don't have a purpose or relation in your life your money will stop because you don't have aim ... Thus a relations can define the purpose which in turn can give you motivation or luck to get that money ...

Balance in life is more important ... My experience when I go away from relations although I am able to make money but I spend it on more irrelevant things and life to satisfy my need of life... Then when I was near my family I was able to spend it on things that matter ... So I just want to make a point that if you have all the money and no relations then that money is worth nothing ... (if you wana do charity - you are either doing very good thing or a very evil thing ... Helping some one stand is better then giving charity .... Just think about it in a manner when you will not be there who will help ) ...
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Britney Spears buys friends. How well is her life going? Money is only a medium of exchange of value for value, so the real question to ask yourself is, what do you value? If you had money would you spend it being with friends, or things? I think your answer to yourself will be revealing.
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I think relation is more important in our life because money can only gives us material items like food, shelter, clothes but it doesn't give us our relation no one can buy relation from money.
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From my experience I can tell you that you have to balance all the factors like money, relationships. My father had lot of money at the time of my upbringing. So I did not realize the importance of money. So I focused on building relationships. Finally I did not make much money. Relationships are very fragile like money. Now my sons are after making money thinking that money is everything. So whose view point is correct. Both are wrong - by balancing or keeping a good proportion of importance to those factors make life successful.
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adays, people think that money is more important to fulfill the neccessaries of life.that is why in india poverty,child labour is increasing because of incresing is also important to neccessary items like food, cloth, shelter etc.from my point of view,life can t success with out money.
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Well, everybody here is saying relations are important and money is secondary, in my opinion relations are very important, when you have whole lot of money and there is nobody to appreciate the success, it's all a waste. In the same way when you have very good relationships, whether it's your brother, sister, cousins, girlfriend and many relatives nobody actually cares for you until you have money, because money is the common measurement for life, so the point is both are very important in life; if you have one and other one is missing it's bad, so balancing everything is good, I preferably don't like many of my relations and much more money, enough is good, that makes the life easier. 

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I personally take comfort in knowing according to Matthew  6:26.

Observe how God takes care of the birds of the heavens.  They do not sow seed or reap or gather into storehouse.... Yet our heavenly Father feeds them... Aren't we more important.

Mathew  6:33

Says seek first God's kingdom and all other things will be added to us.

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Off course, relations are most important in life, at every step we need our loving ones to be there to accept our goodness as well as bad habits too.

but it completely depends on us how we getting them.

but practically money is more important in the present scenario,

Because, if you don’t have money,

  • Your loving ones will never give you more importance.
  • No one in your family will consult you for any thing.
  • Not even a single person in the society will respect you.
  • Even your relations will no longer be warm.
  • All your friends will leave you one day.
  • Even you will compromise with your demands and needs too.
  • BUT If you have money:
  • Your loving ones will love you more than they ever did.
  • Every member of family will consult you for each and every decision.
  • Societal peoples will respect you.
  • All your relatives will desire to meet you.
  • All your friends will want to live with you enjoy with you.
  • You can have, what you want.
  • It’s very hard to say, But seriously its the only truth. Relations can’t make money to you but money can make relations to you.

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Relatioship #1 Money isn't everything. Beside's if you had a partner you can make that money together it's a team effort.
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Relation is more important than money. Money can be earned any way. According to me maintaining relations is most important these days.

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