I feel bad that Jesus was persecuted and killed for our sins, I feel like I don't deserve such a wonderous life after his sacrifices all around I see abhorrent decedence comparable to sodom and Gomorrah and I think how could he die for this?


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The concept of Jesus' martyrdom as "paying for our sins" is a comparatively recent one. The concept is only mentioned twice in the Bible itself and never by Jesus himself or by prophecy beforehand.

It is thought likely that the only way that the martyrdom of "The son of god" could be explained to the faithful was to invent some connection between his death and all sin forever.

The entire concept is nonsense (and even biblical scholars, people much more studied than most of us in the subject, have difficulties with it).

Believe what you want to believe, and in whatever gives you strength.

But question, always question.

And, as Man Friday said (in so many words) "I can sin as much as I like, Jesus has already paid for them, and I am already forgiven."

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I feel bad that in the modern age you not only are delusional but most likely bigoted.

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Tom  Jackson
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There is no proof (that I am actually going to show you---because I am totally indifferent to your opinion on the matter) that my wife loves me; but if I say so, there is absolutely no basis for you to say that I am delusional in thinking that she does, since I am the one in a relationship with her and she provides me all the proof I need.

If you made the effort necessary to know God, you would also have all the proof you need relative to His existence.

In the meantime, check Didge's answer at and substitute this for that question: ”Why are people who think God exists delusional?"

That sounds like the explanations you give.

As for Ray, we don't seem to have any chronic problems yet---at least from my side.

You're the one that's wrapped way too tight, not Ray.
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"John, you remind me of some of the people I know."

You don't remind me of anyone I know, fortunately.

"For example, you wonder why that math problem you comment on involved an unknown number designated with the letter "N."
Apparently you didn't realize she was teaching a concept rather than mathematical nomenclature."

I did not wonder, I called it stupid. My set up is much simpler algorithm to teach and understand. Obviously you do not understand the mathematical concept of variables. It's in the word variable, lack wit.

"It is no secret that there is no incontrovertible proof for your conviction that there is God, any more than there is for mine that He does in fact exist."

The great mistake of the delusional to think that this question is of a 50/50 probability. Do you even have one piece of poor evidence to support your beliefs? Still stands.
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"There is no proof (that I am actually going to show you---because I am totally indifferent to your opinion on the matter) that my wife loves me; but if I say so, there is absolutely no basis for you to say that I am delusional in thinking that she does, since I am the one in a relationship with her and she provides me all the proof I need."

A poor analogy. You could give me tangible evidence of her love for you ( though I find anyone being married to you strange ) and you certainly would not have faith in your wife as people with any conception of reality have confidence in their spouses built on evaluation and experience. Proof is for math and law, not science or human relationships outside of the strictly legal.

The rest of your post is the usual vapidity. We are through here.

P.S. If you find any actual evidence for your delusion please let me know.
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I share your pain.

Too many people are materialistic atheists who don't appreciate the gifts bestowed on us by the Almighty. In your religion, God and Jesus gave so much; in MY religion all thanks are due to the Flying Spaghetti Monster (and Bertrand Russell's Teapot)).

I myself am a miserable but penitent sinner. Why? Because on Good Friday I ate lamb chops. (I would never have eaten fish, of course, but Friday is the Pastafarian Sabbath and when I should have eaten pasta, I did not. Mea culpa.)

Thank you for drawing our attention to the sins of this most Gomorrhic of societies.



Now, if you'd only had the courage to post that under your own name instead of quaking in anonymity, perhaps you'd be given more respect.

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Im not getting involved in this arguement all i can say i have sinned

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Why don't you feel as bad about Horus, Mithras, and Krishna?

They too were persecuted and killed . . Even referred to as the "lamb of God"  . . . Resurrected after three days . . . Most were born to virgins . . .

These myths came first (By hundreds of years), so what constitutes this one as truth?

The Bible is NOT "Proof" in as much as it IS the "Claim" . . .

Seek out the information yourself . . . It is very easy to read through.

The need for a God to sacrifice himself to himself for a rule he himself could change seems not only unlikely, but fresh out of the mind of a limited thinking man . . and not an omniscient, omnipotent god of any kind . . .

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Is there a question in that abhorrent paragraph?

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Ancient Hippy
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The rescue ship won't get here for another 7 Zurls
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6 and a half Zurls if they can give it a quick decoke.
Ray Dart
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There are times when "Abhorrent Decadence" sounds quite appealing - quite a lot of times actually. :)
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Fact: There is a Nun in the Vatican City

that will pray for you,

for One hundred dollars.

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Sorry this is so long, but I believe it should be worth your while!)

John 3:16 says outrightly that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. The reason God sent Jesus to die was because He loved YOU! Yes, YOU! When the Bible talks about love, it's not about the 'mushy-gushy' love in Hollywood. God's definition of love is sacrifice, if you are truly willing to love someone, would you not be willing to sacrifice time or money to carry that out? Love is a verb, defined by the action of doing. When Jesus died on the cross, he didn't do it so you had to feel bad about it, Jesus died to show the whole world (and you) that He loves them. Whether you accept that love is your decision, and would only make sense to act on that amazing love that God showed to you, and you don't need to repay Him!!!! The best part was that Jesus rose from the dead, and in doing so, he defeated death! He won the battle! Christianity is a willingness to accept that- it's a gift from God to you! Jesus dying on the cross for your sins was a gift! You can accept it by realizing that you have sinned (otherwise why would Jesus have died?!) and that you need to change, because otherwise you are a guilty person, condemned in God's sight. (The wages of sin are death, as Romans says). And in Ephesians, Paul (the author) said 'For it is by grace you are saved, through faith, so that no man may boast.' You don't need to try and show your appreciation to God- He's trying to show His appreciation to you, and if you accept that salvation, then that is thanks enough to God for Jesus's death on the cross! Read the Bible daily if you ask God into your heart; being a Christian is impossible without reading the Bible! I hope and pray that God will help you figure out the answer to questions you come across- they are valid to be answered!

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Many share your sentiments. The bible gives us the ultimate answer to why Jesus died for our sins. The bible tells us at Proverbs 8:31 that Jesus was especially fond of the sons of man. The bible goes on to tell us why the world is in the condition that it is. It tells us that the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one, Satan the devil. I have satisfying answers to questions as this on the website Hope this is helpful.

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I don't know if this question was triggered by a response to a previous question, so I'll just post a simple answer. John's focus was on the divinity of Christ.  Here's one of his better known verses (3:16):

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Be careful of the type of thinking that tries to assign the exact number of seconds of the time Christ spent suffering on the cross to the "sins" that you probably committed in the past and the ones you may yet commit in the future.

You cannot construct a reverse one to one mapping function for that.

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