Do u believe in space aliens? Do u think they're on this planet already?


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I have no doubt about it. In fact, if you had the opportunity to meet some of my family, you'd have no doubt either.

But take heart, my friend. Even Superman was helpless when confronted by kryptonite. There isn't an alien alive who could pose a threat when confronted by Shine.

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Absolutely! We call them the Ancients. They were here nearly 10,000 years ago but left for the Pegasus Galaxy after a plague nearly wiped them out. Pegasus is where they created the city of Atlantis which they sank into the ocean after an onslaught of Wraith attackers; a race of life sucking individuals who rivaled the Ancients in power which they accidentally created. They then left Atlantis buried under the ocean and returned to Earth to live out their final days. We are the second evolution of their kind.

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Yes, I have little doubt that life of some sort exists somewhere else in the universe.

There are theories asserted from cosmology (unproven, yet not disproven) that suggest the first "seeds" or chemical precursers of life arrived on the earth via meteorite. If this were true, it would make all of us extraterrestrials (aliens) by origin. 

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Sheldon u need to come by more often
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As awesome as the universe is , there is no doubt in my mind there is life becides that on earth.. Have they came here...
Most likely... Are they here now ? ... It's possible...
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I'm not sure if I do or do not believe.

It's kind of selfish to think we r the only species God ever created and some very credible ppl claim to have seen them..but I WANT to say no..but there is a lot of evidence on the other side,too

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