Do you believe that aliens exist?


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There is a vast universe in front of us so obviously there's no doubt about it that we're not the only mentally capable creatures that exist here.. there can be a millions of planets with a chance of existence of life.

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Even with the recent scientific development of most solar systems being composed of irrelevant and uninhabitable ghost planets, there is undoubtedly billions of planets (if not more) that can sustain a complex species, possibly, longer than earth has in our universe. The question isn't 'are there aliens?' it is more appropriate to ask if intelligent  life has visited earth!

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Actually there is no end to the universe so there is no saying how many there are .
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The universe is huge! 

Its pretty silly to say we a speck of dust in the vast universe is the only place that has life. Now intelligent life that would be more rare. 

I think the most likely form of alien life would be single celled organisms and bacteria. So yes I do think there are aliens 

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