Do you enjoy life?


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Most of the time. I'm not a  whiner or complainer.

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Sometimes.. my dog just got hit by a car. The driver didn't even stop. She was only 3. I've had her since she was a puppy and well, she was more than a pet, she was my best friend and my sister.

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Heck yeah!!!!

Yep!  That's me.  😊

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This is Rocky Mountain National, Sprague Lake. It's a very simple beautiful walk. The flat faced mountain is Hallet's Peak. There's another hike that goes past four lakes. Emerald Lake is right at the base of Hallet's. Gorgeous! The wildlife viewing is phenomenal too.
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Thanks! I'll have to add it to the list.
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very nice view there
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I do!  My husband and I retired last July and moved across the US to be closer to our son and his family!  Life is just wonderful.

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Life is like a roller coaster but over the last twenty years this coaster is stuck on down. Health problems financial problems so it starts to sux

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I great each day with a full embrace . . . . Which looks weird . . Sort of an older guy flapping his arms out then back in again . . . . WAIT! Is that WHY the Neighbors keeps calling the psyche ward on me?!!

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For the most part yes. I have really learned to enjoy the simple things. One or both of my dogs cuddling up with me. Or a hug from my husband. Or eating veggies fresh from my garden.

Then there are times it just plain hurts. I found out this week and good friend of mine has cancer. She goes in for surgery next week. I will be going up when she gets out of the hospital to help her recover and help with her dogs.

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Absolutely, now that I have learned why I am here and that I have a wonderful future, and that sickness nor death can prevent it from happening. Jeremiah 29:11,Revelation 21:3,4

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Yes, yes, yes! I'm indeed enjoying life. Especially is this the case because I'm not at a loss as to how to make good choices and be happy in life. Truly Psalm 119:105 has been most helpful in my life. God's Word, has indeed proven to be a "lamp to my foot and light to my roadway." The Author of the Bible, our Creator, knows exactly what we need to be happy. The instructions for doing so are found in His Word, the Bible. Following the instructions found in Gods Word, has helped me enjoy life, despite the turmoil, frustration and calamity that fills the world in which we live.

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