Why are people so greedy, don't they know every soul will taste death and if they believe there's nothing afterwards aren't they worried.. Asking this with all respect.


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I just don't worry about nothingness. In the end, it's the more, bye bye.

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I think it's human nature to be a little greedy .. Some just take it to the extreme.  You can't control it or understand it ...

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Greed is simply a disproportionate allocation of everybody's survival instinct. It's ugly, it's unpleasant, but it can also motivate us to accomplish more.

But "taste death"? I expect my taster to shut down with my other four senses when I shuffle off this beautiful planet. It's not a big deal;  happens to us all eventually.

As for the afterlife, I've got this once-in-a-lifetime offer for all my Blurtit friends. Since I'm older than most, and will probably fall off the twig sometime in the next ten years, I'm accepting subscriptions from anybody who wants to know whether we survive. Send me $50 and your email address and, when I get to the other side I'll send you an email to let you know that I survived and what it's like.

Hmm. $50 seems too cheap for a service like that. Send me a Benjamin, instead.

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Tom  Jackson
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Sorry---Occam's Razor you know. Isn't mail service universal?
Didge Doo
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Actually, in Oz it's in the process of being downgraded. Most folk now communicate via the Internet and even pay their accounts that way and the post office has been forced to push up their prices and cut their services.

But I'm glad you mentioned Bill Ockham, the smartest barber in history.
Tom  Jackson
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Yeah, it's hard for me to remember how to spell his name.
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My experience is that not everyone is obviously greedy, although of course some are---heck, there's even a TV show about "American Greed."

But if there's "nothing afterward," then maybe the only way to tell who wins is by counting who has the most toys when they die.

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There are all kinds of people in the world who believe different things and that's okay. Some people need to start accepting and respecting others just like how they would want their religion or belief to be accepted.

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As in the movie greed is good.

Its like competetion for some people to have a huge house a mercedes benzp they have yet to figure out u cannot take it with u in the end

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Thank you Gordon "Otis" Gekko---lol
Darik Majoren
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Where would one "Take" it . . . into the grave?
In that case wasn't there a man who was buried in his car? Maybe that is just a show I am remembering.
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Two things one might want to consider:

1.) Humans at their very core . . Are selfish. It is not nearly insidious as it sounds, it's more out of the need for Self Survival first. Also, greed is about feeding a chemical need in the brain . . . Some are obsessive about material things. The more they posses the more they are comforted . . .  Slight changes can be made over time to "relax" this need, and even "repoint" what one is obsessive about, but it rarely goes completely away.

2.) For some, this is the only life to experience. Right here, Right now in this life time sans a soul. While you may covet the solace or rewards that you believe may be waiting for you in some concept of "afterlife", others believe that this one shot at life is all there is. They are literally just as convinced as you are that they are the correct ones. If this is the only life you have, WHY NOT, make it as great as it can possibly be NOW?

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