I am seventeen years old, and a junior in High school. I have no job, I live with my parents, and I long for a relationship with a woman, not only that, I wish to marry this woman as soon as possible and have a daughter. I just want something to hold and love for the rest of time, and something I want to call my own even though I'm not old enough or qualified to do so. Is this normal? And what should I do?


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I am not being rude here when I say this, but may I suggest babysitting for a family or a friend who has a child just for a weekend. Then ask this question......

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Consider that having a child only to give it a job (making you happy) isn't a good reason to have a child. 

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Jon Relmose
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Oh, I see what you mean, thank you for that, I don't know, it was something that crossed my mind. But I don't really mean for a child to make me happy. More or less I mean to make the child happy, to then make me happy.
Jon Relmose
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I'm happy by making the child happy
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Normal---yes, it's not unusual given your age and situation.

But so is a headache.

It is best if both feelings quickly disappear.

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You have many, many years of life ahead of you. There's no need to rush into a relationship, much less conceive a child under those circumstances.

I understand this feeling that you have. I won't say that it's normal, it's just how you feel.

The most important thing you can do right now is to stay in school and graduate from high school. That will better equip you for your future. Decide on what you want your life's work to be and if so desired, attend college for further schooling.

Joining clubs, going to college, having a hobby are all excellent ways to meet someone and get to know them. Eventually, you could find "the one", but you shouldn't make that your primary goal.

You need a way to earn money to support the woman you want to marry and the child that you want to have. It would be nice to survive on love alone but it will take much more than love to survive.

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