Where Is The Evidence That God Is Real?


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It is really in your heart.
Zaphod  Beeblebrox Profile
There is none, and that is the point. Proof denies faith. In order to have faith, you have to have an absence of evidence. People who try to use the Bible as proof of God are sadly misguided in their attempts at piety.
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There is none. Man invented God in his own image, to scare away the monsters that live in the shadows, and to have someone to blame when things go wrong.
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Well first ask your self, do U think that EVERYTHING U see, just suddenly happened?Don't U think that SOME ONE created it all?If so, do U really think a rock formed into an image created everything?Just think 'bout it, what seems right to you?
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The bible says so, who created the bible? Well god did, but how do I know he is real? Cus the bible says so.
circular logic eh?
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Meredith Salois
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God did not make the bible. If you knew your history you would've known that Jesus's disciples wrote the bible NOT god.
Zaphod  Beeblebrox
And if you knew YOUR history, you would know that the gospels were written long after the disciples had died.
Hannah Ashley
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'Bout what Kathy said, God told the disciples what to write.
So even though God didn't write the Bible PSYCHICALLY, but he choose what would B said.
Just a point of Fact!

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