Why is Lucifer still used as a title of Christ in the Easter Vigil in the Catholic Church’s Latin Mass?


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That is all to do with the alternative translation of Lucifer as "Morning Star" (Venus) isn't it? I think that Jesus referred to himself like that somewhere (sorry, I don't know where (and I might be wrong)).

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Perry Nuttal
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Thank you Ray. So Jesus and lucifer are the same both mean morning star son of the dawn, 'helel' a shining one?
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@Pea Nuts

Check my link to make sure you understand the situation.
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Perry Nuttal
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"They both"
Ray Dart
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Yeah I read all that (and understood it, weirdly). I still think it's all a matter of misunderstanding/mistranslation/or (most likely), duplication.
The bible is outstandingly full of such contradictions, which cleverer people than me try to explain (usually, very badly)
Perry Nuttal
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If Easter vigil comes from Ishtar Vigil is Mary the same as Goddess Ishtar?

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