In The Catholic Celebration Of The Mass Liturgy What Is The Significance Of Epiclesis?


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The invocation of the holy spirit who is invoked by the priest to have
the same holy spirit change  the bread and wine into the body + blood,
soul+divinity of jesus christ
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The word Epiclesis means to invoke the Holy Spirit or to call upon the Holy Spirit to bless, to change, to anoint, to heal or
to cleanse us in heart, mind and soul.

During the celebration of each sacrament, in the Catholic Church a prayer is prayed asking the Holy Spirit to act and this prayer is called an epiclesis.

In the celebration of the Eucharistic Liturgy during a Catholic Mass; the priest calls upon the Holy Spirit to bless the gifts of bread and wine being offered in the hands of the priest, for the people. The prayer asks the Holy Spirit to act upon these gifts and to change them in substance into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

Many other Christian denominations have a celebration in which the bread and wine is shared by all present . Some believe this bread and wine is a symbol of the Body and Blood of Jesus; others believe it is a memorial celebration calling to mind the words and actions of Jesus at the Last Supper. Still others believe sharing of the bread and wine is sharing the Body and Blood of Christ.

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