Who Is Aristotle The Father Of?


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Aristotle is generally regarded as being one of the founding fathers of philosophy. Born in 384 BC, he was a student of the philosopher Plato, who is more often referred to as "the father of philosophy." Aristotle first studied and then worked at Plato's Academy in Athens, and later became tutor to a boy in Macedonia who would become Alexander the Great.

He founded many of the ideas which were to govern science and philosophy for centuries, and his influence is still felt. For instance, it was Aristotle who first categorised plants and animals into species and genera. He also had ideas on arts and the theatre, such as the definition of tragedy and heroism, which are still taught to literature and drama students today.

Like Plato, and like the early Muslims and Christians who would later adopt many of his ideas, Aristotle believed in the immortality of the soul. He also believed that art should reflect nature at its best, to have an ennobling effect on the soul.
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