Why do we dream about people we love?


6 Answers

Tannis Mitchell Profile
Tannis Mitchell answered
You think of them so much, that you dream of them.
Cfisc fisher Profile
Cfisc fisher answered
Because usually love is implanted in your subconscious, which controls your heart, dreams, everything...
Adrian Masters Profile
Adrian Masters answered
Because we have a strong attraction to them.
Sara Bran Profile
Sara Bran answered
Your in love (what more do you need to know?) Or your crazy about the guy i vote in looooooove!
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Because if you dreamt about people you hated then they would be nightmares so dreams are usually for good reasons and many represent what is in your subconscious mind too so if youre thinking about someone you admire during the day, your subconscious mind carries it over into your dreams where you can make anything happen

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