Why do we fear?


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Sometimes when you're young you feed a squirrel packages of peanut butter at your first office job ... Then one day you don't have any peanut butter packets and that squirrel who lived in your office building looks at you when you're walking to the washroom and chases you back to your office and you discover you have a fear of squirrels .  Especially cos you really really have to pee so very badly...  But you can only look out of your office window at the scary grizzly squirrel until pest control comes to where you work... Then you have to quit your first real job cos you called your first "real boss"  sobbing saying " you're being attacked by a squierrl and you really really have to pee " I'm kinda scarred for life by a squirrel. I'm not kidding by the way but I know everyone finds this story  funny so that's fine.

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I absolutely hate squirrels and am afraid of them too. I honestly had to move to a new home out in the country where there were no squirrels. Then last week I decided it was lonely out here so I went back into the area I used to live in (a mile or two away from my last home) and there were squirrels everywhere. The bad memories came back quick. I'd rather be around less people that be around those crazy squirrels . Squirrels and ants will take over the world someday I swear.
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Hi Sin ! I'm in the country too. The predators keep the squirrel population down, but when one shows up - Wow! My cats go crazy running from window to window and chattering like squirrels themselves!
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Its in our DNA.

Our world is a scary place.

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I blame my cats. 

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Fear is healthy, and fear determines the continuation of the genetic code.

We are programmed to survive, and part of this is to "Err to the side of Caution". From our earliest ancestors a rustle in the tall grass could be as simple as the wind moving the grass to and fro. It could also be a predator trying to sneak up on us.

Always considering it a "Predator" ensures that amount of caution (Fear) that keeps us alive when it actually is a predator.

This same type of mentality is used when determining whether a thing is true or not but is unknown. We tend to be more accepting just in case it is true . . . And then vet out what it actually is later on. You find this to be true in the earliest beliefs and superstitions of many early primitive cultures.

I think fear has us "Think things through" before engaging in reckless abandonment. 

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Fear keeps us from using our life in a reckless and dangerous life, since life is a gift from God . Psalm 36:9

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Here's a possibly useful way of looking at it:

In the beginning, we were given instincts to help us survive.  We had a heightened sense of our environment so that we could nourish ourselves and procreate.  As time went on we became more dependent upon machines and technology for our quality of life and survival.  As a result, our instincts and senses diminished and our mental processes strengthened.  As we became more and more identified with our minds as our source of supply and safety, our thoughts and emotions carried more weight. Fear shifted its focus from our instinctual nature to our emotional nature.


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