Why Do People Fear Death?


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Death, it can be safely said, is probably the most feared thing on the face of Earth. Its common knowledge though, that not to fear death, is an eminence of Saints and Prophets. Those asked are unable to explain why they fear death so much. After much thinking, I have reached the conclusion that there are possibly three reasons for people to fear death.
Firstly, by fearing death, a person actually fears the unknown. No one knows for sure what will happen to them once they die. Thus, this fear of the unknown, that always accompanies man, makes him fear death and dark alike.
Secondly, the thought that we will have to answer our deeds in the hereafter, frightens us. This is because there are not many persons who are satisfied that they haven't harmed a man by either hand or tongue and have done good deeds throughout their lives. We all speak white lies shamelessly, and do many awful things, some unintentional, while the others we overlook by thinking them worthless. These thoughts come to us as soon as we think of death.
Thirdly, we are too much in love with the world and its superficial beauties. We can't even think of leaving it and its charms. The thought of leaving the world forever itself is dreadful.
These were the main reasons for people to fear death. I came to these conclusions after a thorough study of human nature, which, can never be fully understood.
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Very thoughtful answer.
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A very impressive answer. I can only wonder how so many people can say they believe in heaven and hell with such certainty.
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I think people don't actually fear death but the process of dying instead.
I think it's mostly some kind of superficial fear from physical pain or the thought that the way they are going to die is going to be painful.
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I don't think the religion thing is the reason people are scared of dying. I mean Heaven or Hell, at least it would be an afterlife, even if it could be a painful process. I don't really think an omnipotent God would judge his children according to the religious tenets anyway. That's just silly.

The really scary thing is ceasing to exist. The idea that you are no longer anything. No more thoughts, no being reunited with loved ones like children you may have lost while you were living, or a wife or husband that died before you, or even the family pet. To me it would reinforce the idea that there really isn't much point to life and anarchy would be the best system because nothing matters.

On the other hand, you do get to catch up on your sleep.
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Why do people fear dead? I think answer to this question 've been given above. Only on my personal point of view, there is nothing to be afraid of dead. As a religious man I believed there is life after dead, faith, yes have faith. If ones have faith in his/her religion, he/she will not afraid of dead. He/she sees dead as a new begining.
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I don't fear death beause without death there is really no life. Hears a quote:
"Life begins with a touch of death and death begins with life's first breathe..."
You might find it scary to fear death but you realy shouldn't. Death just means you need to live your life to the fullest. Go full force without holding anything back...
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People fear death because they have seen dead people (even in a funerel).

Dead people never come in their old body ever again. It is an end. Nobody have returned from death alive. It is a hidden thing, an unknown; what happens after the death.
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Because of the 'unknown' element of it.

The truth is .. There are far worse things to fear .. Like experiencing an event that causes you to pray to die.

Being alive and praying to die is FAR worse than dying.

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People  death because they fail to realize that death is as much a part of life as living everything thats alive on this planet is going to die and everything thats ever been on this planet is already dead people also believe in an afterlife because no body will ever know what really happens to you when you die, I don't fear death because I realize that it is inevitable and I don't believe in  god because people fail to realize that all religions or spiritual beliefs are creations of mankind so all religions are the creator worshiping the creation, I also don't believe in heaven or hell because when I die I'm going to be cremated because I don't believe in god or religions so I'm not
going to be buried or have a funeral
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Death actually is the most feared thing on earth. Death could happen anywhere, at any time.
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I think because is it is us naturally Possibly from God so that we can make preparations for this and the next life

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