Is My House Haunted?At Night i always feel like somebody is there and i hear weird i see stuff from the corner of my eye one day i heard that someone was breathing near me.


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You need to stop with the LSD.

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Jann Nikka answered

Here is a brief list of suggestions. They're not wrote in stone. 

PRAYER. Read your Bible 2x a day. Prayer. Remove all "Satanic" items from your home. Stop watching horror and "Satanic" movies, remove messy people from your life, stop listening to "Satanic" music, including most rap. Pray before you go to bed. Don't eat after 9pm or through the night. Pray when you wake up, ask for a peaceful night's sleep . Ask folks for forgiveness and forgive those you have or may have wronged.  Try to have peace in your life and goodness in home. May the good force be with you 🌸

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I believe in the paranormal. So I think it is possible for a house to be haunted. You can have a member of the clergy bless your house. You cam also tell a spirit to leave you alone.

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