Are you one of those people that thinks, "the more I think about people, the more I love my dog"?


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No, but I think its best I live alone.

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Dear Zack,

No, not now...but I will tell you I felt that way most of my adult life, and when I was your age I did.

Finally something seemed to happen...somehow seeing through the awful things people do, their frightened, fear-based confused struggle to find happiness...expressing as rage. Seeing all that reflected in myself and taking the steps to start cleaning up my own life...

* * *

Now I more feel tenderness for the poignancy of our struggles as human beings, and my love for people gets more and more unbounded all-out and passionate.

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Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
Dozy I would not forget Zoë's important precious umlaut...shows up on my computer even now...does this second one show up for you?
(I give her all the umlauts I can, since I know she does not get enough of them at home...)
Didge Doo
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She's neglected, Virginia. I feel chastised. Chagrined, even. I actually tried to type one here but each time I did my computer threw me out of Blurtit and back to my home page. :{
Virginia Lou
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Oh oh this is serious...the rebellious umlauts...violence even...
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Replace "dog" with "cat", and yes, that sometimes applies to me.

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Tom Jackson answered

I recently had to take my dog to the emergency vet on a Sunday---she had partially opened a surgical incision by pulling the stitches out.

This version was on a plaque on the wall:  "The more I get to know some people---the more I like dogs."

After reading some comments to me, I not only like them more, I think it likely that are---on the whole---both more reasonable and smarter than those same "some people."

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Guilty as charged. What's not to like?As Richard Ianelli put it, "A dog is a hairy, tail-wagging reception committee. It is the only member of the family who will drop everything and come running to the door the moment she hears your voice."

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Virginia Lou
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Dozy, do many dogs in Australia mixed with the dingo? Do you know much about them (dingoes)? Does Zoë have some dingo genes in her?
Didge Doo
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It's a rarity. Out in the country I guess it must be inevitable but the dingo isn't a domestic dog.
Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
...not cuddly...
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Dogs are simplistic . . . People are not.

I find the time spent walking with my dog, allows me to "Self Reflect" since she is just happy to be free in the woods and doesn't require my attention on every little detail of her life.

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