can someone please give me an inspirational scripture filled welcome for an evening installation program?


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Darik Majoren answered

Can you give me a example in how you are using the word "Installation" . . Do you mean just an "Evening Service"? . . .

Isn't psalms and Proverbs just loaded with "God is Great" phrases?? . .

Can't get any more inspirational then letting everyone know that their particular God is the MOST Awesome God ever! . . .

I always see those bumper stickers "My boss can beat up your boss" Or the ultimate in White trash pride "My Kid can beat up your honor roll student." . . . . Would it be so wrong to have one that says "My God can beat up your God" . . . Or "My Holy Book says that yours is a lie" . . .  I'll have to go to a Christian book store to see if that exists.

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Psalms especially 140-150📃. You can combine any of them and use several different versions📚.

There'll inspiring and very delightfully inspirational.

Proverbs is good too📗.

All would depend on your audience and your theme📙.

I've always enjoyed Psalm(s) 8: 1-8 📖

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