What makes you smile? :)


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otis campbell answered

My kitty motormouth everyday

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Mountain Man answered

My grandkids and knowing I don't have to go to work until Tuesday.                            :)

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Matt Radiance answered

Definitely there are many things that could bring smile on my face.

I choose to speak out the top two titled by relating to the others.

1.People's cheer sound and laughs. It makes me really happy and smiley.

2.Helping others. When i can help, i get over the moon and become super happy.

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Gokula krishnan answered

Animals , i love them , they make me smile, but mostly i feel sorrow about them when they are controlled and annoyed by some humans  and make me anger ...

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Lots of things! Yesterday I was invite to go along while my nephew and his wife had a 3D ultrasound done. It was amazing watching the baby suck his thumb or yawn or smile. I am still smiling over that one. A couple of days ago a friend who is battling cancer announced that her chemo has been working and that the tumor has shrunk down enough that it can be surgically removed. And this may sound odd to some, but I found bear tracks in my front yard. I love that I live someplace that is surrounded by nature. 

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Open windows  :D let it be known, im a fly. Im not implying that im a creep who breaks into houses. 

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Virginia Lou
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Plus I think I heard you smiling over a molly toggle!
SuperFly Original
Oh Yes, indeed I was. I was beginning to think that light was going to turn into an ancient artifact and get displayed in a museum or something if I didnt use it already!
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Amy Taylor , smile, answered

When I solve a hard problem by myself, that makes me smile.

When I see my relatives, I smile.

When I get the goal I set, I smile.

When I eat a delicious meal, I even smile.

When I find an useful app like wise care 365 to solve my PC problem, I smile.

When I get appreciated from others, I smile.

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