what's worse being dependent on somebody or being a nobody?


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Being a dependent nobody.

I've manage to live all my life as a Nobody.

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Being dependent would be worse. If you can't take control of your own life you're never going to be happy.

But being a nobody? No problem. I've been a nobody all my life and find it's no bar to being happy. If you look across any population you'll find the vast majority of people are nobodies -- including a pretty good percentage of those who have delusions of grandeur.

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I may know a lot about the former.

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Dear Thrice Gotcha,

You have asked a remarkable question...and I am going for it all out... because, when all is said and done, what if 'nobody-ness' turned out to be something a person wanted to aspire to?

So: Instead of I am a man/woman/child; or, I am a sister/wife/husband/father; I am a chef/plumber/clerk/politician/etc.;

instead of all that, what if someone just centered themselves on I am that I am...? Here we are, in the world of time and space, yes fulfilling a role (and paying the rent, too) but basically deep in one's heart just BE....

There is even a verse...the Sufi poet, said to be the most beloved poet in the USA...Rumi...

"Try to be a garden where nothing is growing..."

* * *

Similar with dependency, but that is like the butterfly wings, flutter and cause a star storm on the other side of the galaxy...interdependence...

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Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
I hope very much that Mrs. Didge is feeling okay, with some contentment possible in her life these days.
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
She wouldn't claim to be discontented, she enjoys life. But she is in constant pain following that botched hip replacement last year. Her meds help but she'd rather not be using them.
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
But thank you for the kind thoughts, Virginia. They're appreciated.
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Dependent on somebody, it takes away your freedom. I've no problem being a nobody, there is no one to impress or bow down to, and you can do your own thing.

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