I had a dream that a black shadow was fallowing my father and I stood in front of the black shadow to block it?


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That's a creepy dream!!!! ūüėď The black shadow meant the devil was following your dad but you blocked & stopped it or slowed it down so you can protect/defend your dad.

I used to have a dream that an extremely white & gray tall man with huge dark black eyes, straight thick black eyebrows & creepy small gray wrinkly lips, who stood at the end of my bed waiting til I woke up, then he'd attack & kill me. He wore a long black coat & tall black boots. He held a knife & a rope behind his back. He stared at me & waited til I woke up, jumped on me & killed me.

I've been having those dreams since I was 4yrs old. I'm 25 now.

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Dreams usually tap into basic emotion. You care about your dad and would fear anything to happen to him, and so in the dream you protected him from something you saw as a threat. 

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This dream indicates that your father needs your help, do
take him to a  doctor for a check up a
shadow dream in almost all cases points toward a health issue such as high or low blood pressure, high cholesterol level or high or low sugar levels.

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Good thing he wasn't followed by the "White Shadow", then he might be drafted into playing high school basketball . . .

. . . Come on, that is funny!

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