What Does A Black Shadow Mean?


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The sight of a black shadow usually signifies the presence of a spirit or entity, usually evil due to the heaviness in colour or presence. If the shadow makes you feel agitated or uneasy, it is most definitely not a good spirit in which case you should say a prayer and have the location blessed. If the shadow does not affect you, it is a good spirit in which case you shouldn’t be bothered.

Oftentimes, black shadows and other entities are occasional visitors to a home which used to mean a lot to them during their lifetime. They usually do not cause any harm or have any bad intentions, in which case it’s easy to ignore. However, there are cases wherein entities have a very difficult time separating from earthly life and continue to haunt the new residents. They can confront one head-on, even by appearing during daylight in very unnerving times and locations in the house as they have no other intention but to disturb and to scare you. They can also sometimes cause destruction in the house through the form of a poltergeist, which is a very angry ghost and throws appliances, chairs, and other objects around the house.

If the presence of an unwanted entity bothers you and your family, the best thing to do is to get an exorcism done right away. This is a widely practiced ancient religious process which expels spirits from a place or person they are haunting. Exorcisms can take place in a variety of ways, usually with the form of a ritual and prayers while an exorcist commands the entity to leave in the name of a higher power. In other cases, amulets, symbols, and icons may also be used to assist the exorcism. In the Christian religion, the person performing the exorcism is believed to be blessed with special spiritual skills and power and should in no way be practiced by just anyone.
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The first step in investigating the cause of something paranormal is to scientifically rule out any other possible causes. If in fact your home does have paranormal activity, there are steps you can take to rid yourself and family of such energy. In most cases, ghosts, black shadows, mist's etc are harmless and cause no problems. In some cases the nature or intention of any ghost or spirit energy can interfere with a family, causing stress, anxiety or just freaking us out. I have been working with the paranormal for more than 30 years and would be happy to assist you with specific information to assist you in this situation.. Blessings, Maya
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According to the ole' lady Depending on the feeling that you get when you walk into the house whether you are scared or ok with it, If you are ok with it then you just have a "guest" in your house. If not then there is a clensing you can do that involves sage and or sweet grass, a white candle, and a small saying. "I clense this house in the name of all any good energy may stay, All negative energy must go, this is my will so mote it be." Start in the back of your house and walk the candle and sage(sweet grass) clockwise throughout your house. After you do this let the candle burn out on its own, Do not blow it out.
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Did you know that the burning of sage and other herbs is an American Indian tradition used expressly in cleansing rituals and passed down from generation to generation? The Indian people are very spiritual and I think your 'ole lady" gave a very good answer.
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Well what I heard when you see or feel something its cause its trying to tell you something or they need help from you
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Many of those who aren't joking around on here I mostly agree with.  To someone who asked about sea salt- it screws around with the entities energy-quartz, hematite will do that to.  Refer to my blog on the link where it says you may also be interested in these questions at the bottom of the page- what does a black shadow on top? You should hopefully recognize it- its rather long and I tend to ramble but those solutions should work.

The well lit room thing is because most of the time they are darker than the surrounding shadows which most of them use to move about so if the room is well lit you can see them they hate that.  Sandalwood and any other incense are fine however I recommend the white candle solution as detailed in my other blog.  Hope it works for you.  If it does get the word out there tell others so they can be helped too.
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Some ghost choose to appear as a black shadow. They may be attached to the house in some way, you should do your research and see what you can find out about your home. If you wish to try and contact the ghost beware: There are good ghosts and bad. Observe then react, don't rush into things without knowing what to do or how to proceed. If the ghost is violent you can and will be hurt.
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You may have a dark energy around you, living in your home. Sprinkle some sea salt in the corners of your home and try to keep it well lit for a week.
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You speak how I would interpret this myself... I to have been next to him but feel no fear and watched him walk away from me , never looking nowhere but straight ...
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I was reading somewhere it was  some sort of evil spirit or even a demon I seen a black ghost at the top of my stairs and someone I know is getting tormented by this evil spirit
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I sometimes see a black shadow I feel it may be a  child sometimes when I'm in my bed it may peep around the corner but never shows its face sometimes I'm scared and sometimes I'm not I never felt harmed just scared I use to see a ball of light on my wall the size of a small bech ball what does this mean.
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A BLACK SHADOW is the spirit of a person that used to live there. It is somehow attached to the house or a thing and thereby is unable to move on. In this case you have nothing to worry about. It just wants to inform you of its presence and hence casts this shadow. You can simply ask it to leave or find out what it is attached to and destroy it. But a BLACK SHADOW can also very well indicate the presence of a DEMON that has never dwelled the earth as a mortal. In this case you have serious problem since normal rituals will only agitate it. In this case you need to perform an exorcism as soon as possible.

How will you differentiate between the two?
Well, if it is a spirit then the shadow will appear faint. It will maintain it distance from you and will appear only in one particular place. It won't bother you. It will appear rarely. However, if it is a Demon the shadow will appear dark. It will be visible very frequently and will try to approach towards you.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask questions.

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you can find a priest that can help you... Just try saying them. Ya some looks at you ignorantly but u have to get past it. It is for ur own good. If u dont share this experience; u ll suffer alone.. That is the worst. Tell some one u can trust. ur family, ur boy friend.. Anyone that knows will believe u!
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Hey, thank you so much again for your reply. I did try telling my boyfriend, but he doesn't believe in these kinds of things. He knows it happens, his mom has experienced the same thing, but he just thinks it must be something explainable. I told my mom and my mom believes me, but she lives in Germany and she just said I have to live with it. I will be moving out of this apartment actually and hope that it won't follow me. It feels like when the kind spirit left, the bad one came, but it doesn't seem like a spirit, it doesn't feel human. I'll just have to wait one month and then I'll be out of here
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Welcome.. See, it is not impossible to live with these things. In most cases they can't hurt you.. Trust me i know stuff about stuff... I ll message you if u need other info coz ppl may think to be crazy.... Just the feeling of a presence will physically exhaust you... It hopefully wont follow u if it is not attached to u.... And ya, a good spirit can give way to a bad cause those are called cold spots or vulnerable spots for the paranormal to interact!
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Here in the apartment I reside,  all day everyday I see a dark cloud(s) go by in my peripheral vision on the left and right. Is this bad? I also have been seeing orbs and a couple years ago something really weird happened, I woke at 2:34 a.m. And went to the bathroom, then got back into bed then suddenly there was something blocking my fan that I have in front of me while I sleep at night, my covers were being pulled up to my neck I saw a clear figure and the fan was blowing around it and I could see the waves going around this clear figure and I continued to say no, no, no, and then it disappeared. It was really weird. I used to live in a haunted house where I got attacked by demons, I have a feeling something follows me. I am a God fearing woman, that's what confuses me most. Why me, but its been a while since the weird stuff, all I see are orbs and bright light streaks across the room sometimes.

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Remember that anyone can call on a HIGHER POWER to get rid of a lower power. You have just as much access to GOD and the DIVINE POWER as any priest or guru. Surround yourself with the GOLDEN LIGHT of GOD'S LOVE and know that nothing can penetrate this LOVE and that you can come to no harm. Then, call on ANGELS to come and station themselves around your house and banish all the negative energies and entities that reside there. For myself, I sing the Love Song to GOD known as HU (pron. hue) for twenty minutes each day, and see the GOLDEN RIVER OF DIVINE LIGHT flow thru me and my home. I toss all my cares into this River, and I know all will be well.
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Hey, thank you so much for your replies, I read them all :) I see that you really care and mean to help me out and I appreciate that alot. When I think of god and how much he has been helping me recently and how much he has been present I know that this evil...whatever it is... cant actually touch me. I even feel like it can stay here if it wants to because it can do me no harm. God is stronger than any evil. It makes me feel safe. Unfortunately I am not able to maintain that feeling througout the whole day and night. I don't know why, but even though I know that god ALWAYS loves and protects me I sometimes still feel vulnerable. Sometimes when I feel the presence of something evil here I say out loud that it can't hurt me because god's love protects me and then I feel like evil power (as you called it adequately) gets even stronger and more evil. It's odd, I don't feel like it wants to scare me, I feel like it wants to harm my soul and like it wants something from me. It always approaches me directly and with strong force and when it's right in front of me it kind of fails and goes away. And it feels like the energy around me changes immediately when it diminishes. It's such an odd feeling. But it feels a little bit like I've got a wall of protection around me, I probably do. I do think I will be moving out of here soon though, it just feels safer. Thanks again for your help :)
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Any time you feel threatened, just start repeating the word HU, like I mentioned previously. I apologize for not explaining it better before. But, HU is the root word of Hallaluah, which is from the words..Allah and HU.. Just drop the allah and sing or chant HU. It comes from the Tenth Plane of HEAVEN and the Christian Mystics and Mystics of many Orders used to chant it to generate a powerful SPIRITUAL FORCE. It can protect, heal and guide you in all things. Surround yourself with the LIGHT, Sing HU and you'll notice the vibration surrounding you will change immediately to a warm and protecting one. Good luck and Blessings..
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My fiance and I were in our room one night..lights still on. I was sitting on the bed and my fiance was playing on his laptop at the desk. 

All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I see a black object about the size of paper pop up on the side of the bed I was sitting on then popped back down when i looked over. I thought maybe i was just getting tired but my fiance saw it too. 

I feel uneasy in shadows and constantly have a feeling of something watching me from shadow areas. I have had dreams in the past and occasionally now..several days later I see the exact same thing when I'm awake. 

My mom says there are gifts in my family and she thinks i might have one. I am honestly freaked out about this black object and the watching feeling. 

Please ..any advice or information would help greatly

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Dreams are a great way to get in touch with what you are doing as SOUL in the other worlds. It sounds like you had a few Dreams of Prophecy. Don't use the knowledge of such dreams to control people, but use them only to avoid trouble or prepare you for some event that may need preparation. As for the dark areas. You must take steps to get rid of them immediately. It might get worse if you don't. Surround yourself with a GOLDEN LIGHT and sing or chant a Divine Word like HU or Aum. I use HU as it is higher. See this Golden Light and Sound protecting you and driving away the negative darkness. It's a healing and protecting force that can help with your dreams as well.
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I moved
into my new apartment in september last year and for a while I’ve had the
feeling that I wasn’t living there by myself. That I had something like a roommate,
who was sharing the apartment with me. It didn’t really scare me although it
felt odd to feel like I’m watched all the time. 

I did feel like somebody was
watching me in almost a loving and kind way, like he was grateful to have my
company. It was really strange. Also it definitely felt like it was a man. Sometimes
I woke up in bed because I felt like somebody was touching my head, stroking my
hair out of my face, and once I felt like my blanket was being pulled down a
little bit. I almost felt loved and cared for though. 

Still it started to to
get so real that I couldn’t manage to explain the things happening to myself
anymore so one day I went home and said out loud that I am scared and that I
want whoever is there to leave. 

I said that I understand that it must be hard
to leave now and that I understand that he means no harm but that it is
affecting my life and scaring me because I can’t understand what is happening.
I never had the feeling of living with someone in that apartment since that
day. A few days ago however I’ve woken up a few times because a strong force
pushed down on my chest and I felt like somebody was trying to kill me, I felt
pure evil intention, hate, even rage. 

Then some other night I just woke up
because I could feel some depressing intense magnetic energy in my apartment,
sat up in my bed and saw a black shade rushing with strong force through my
door, racing towards me and dissolving into nothing when it reached me. That
same thing has happened several times now and it really really is freaking me

I’ve tried walking through my apartment telling him to leave, I’ve prayed,
I’ve told him that he is not welcome and I’ve also tried to make him feel
little and unimportant, telling him that he can’t hurt me, but every time I do
that I feel the same hateful feeling, almost desperate but really really mean. 

I kind of feel like whatever this is actually can’t really hurt me and is
frustrated about that, but still it’s robbing me of my sleep, I’m exhausted all
day in work and I don’t enjoy being in my apartment anymore. Is there anything
else I can do. I really don’t think there are any exorcists where I live…

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You don't need to exorcise directly! Try finding a priest and get the priest to bless your apartment.
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You're a Christian, so let me refer you to the word Hallelujah or Allelujah. It comes from the words ALLAH and HU. It means love song to GOD. So, drop the Allah and just sing HU (pron. hue). It is a DIVINE SOUND coming in from the High Heavens. It can protect, uplift, guide and heal.

Try this technique. Sit down, relax, close your eyes and begin to softly sing or chant the word HU over and over. As you feel the Divine Power of it come in, picture a Beautiful Divine Golden White LIGHT washing over you and your apartment. See Angels painting your walls with this Divine Light, and say.."All entities, that are not in harmony with GOD's LOVE must leave." Now watch as this DIVINE LIGHT and SOUND move thru the apt. evicting all the negative energies and entities that are troubling you. Watch the Angels erect a Golden Dome around you home, so that no negative evil can come back.

I've fought the negative forces for decades. Salt, sage, Holy Water are alright as band-aids. But, Divine Light and Sound can see you thru any trouble...health, heart or unhappiness. BLESSINGS.
Don Moran
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Just remember, you can bring in DIVINE SPIRIT directly, you don't need priest or preacher. If you have an occurrence in the middle of the night..then what? Use the technique I gave above for any problem or just as a daily exercise. Do it with LOVE. Love is the greatest force of all, anyway.
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The foolishness and folly of some people. If you think you saw a dark shadow more than likely you saw it, because it comes with a feeling too. If you shop at many thrift stores there is a possibility you have bought spirits in your house that way too. Just a thought.

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Me and my friend saw this same descriptive spirit and what the strange part was is that it was around 8 ft tall and every pic I see its like 5 or 6 ft is this a different one we saw or the same one as in the pic and recently I keep having these weird dreams and wake up having chest pains does any one know something
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It could be a shadow of a dead person or it could be a pigment of your imagination. Sometimes your eyes can lie to you and tell you that you see something thats not really there
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Seeing a black shadow in your home means that you need to either switch on more lights to see who the burgler is or you need to sleep because you are going through a bad dream

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