Do you believe aliens may have existed at one time but are extinct now?


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I think it's possible.

Considering the age of our Universe, and how much time it took for life and technology to evolve on OUR planet, there could have been another race on a different planet, that evolved and had their sun go supernova . . .

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Hey Dark, Miss Virginia was asking about you over on the "other site", and sends her regards. Glad to see you active here, hope you remain on board. -Z
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"Other Site" . . . You will have to send me a message telling what site that is. I wouldn't mind dropping by to say hello to her.
It is hard to stay active on this site . . . I really have to search to find topics to engage in . . . there is a LOT of spammers who have found their way here.
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This is no (uni) it is in fact a multiverse.

There is so much that your gov. Has kept

from you for good reason. All planets have life.

Not the sort of life your used to, but life just the same.

Life is everywhere and that is a good thing.

This place is very protected because the human

race is royalty. Don't be afraid.

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I feel strongly that alien life does exist somewhere out in the vast universe, perhaps in many places.

Just as likely that some worlds that once supported life underwent mass extinctions (as earth has done on at least five occasions) by any of a number of causes, and became devoid of life.

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they might have once.

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Yes, in the past. I think they'll exist in the future too, and a good chance that they're out there somewhere far away currently.

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