What Does 'The Sweet Influence Of Pleiades' Mean?


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The term 'the sweet influence of Pleiades' is used in the Christian Bible and the term conveys the meaning the connection we have with Pleiades which is particularly established through sound or vibration.. Pleiades is a word that is used in astronomy to convey the idea of a group of stars that can be located in the constellation Taurus. The number of stars is normally seen to be six but in common sayings the number is believed to be seven.

When you search the origin of the word it is probably come from the classical mythology and it is used for the seven daughters of Atlas. These sisters were the half sisters of Haydes who was believed to be placed him with them to save them from Orion. One of the seven sisters has hidden herself probably from grief or shame.
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Perhaps there are angelic beings of God residing there, that have a positive influence on humanity...., also, perhaps the magnetic influence of the constellation has a favourable addition
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The meaning is hidden for if we have received the great knowledge and truth to enlightenment - eternal life, 'sweet influences of Pleiades's' we need not experience the winter, 'Orion' death. Find the knowledge within, meditate and take all the 12 minerals, the twelve disciple to renew your cells highly important. Read about tissue salts and take them.

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