How Can A Person Be A Christian If He/she Does Not Attend Church Regularly?


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Some people truly believe Jesus is the Son of God, who once lived on the earth and taught others how to live as a Christian.
However, they do not believe nor understand the message of Jesus, completely.

These people believe worship of God is an individual act of faith. They do not feel the need to worship with others and thus they do not attend church. Their belief contradicts the intent of the commandment to "Keep holy the Lord's day," which includes the responsibility to worship God with other members of God's family.

Families do things together; one of the
things the Family of God does, as followers of Jesus is worship together. Jesus did not go off alone each time He prayed, He attended the Synagogue, until He began His public ministry; then He gathered with the Apostles and followers to worship God in
with a community
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It's possible to be a good Christian and not attend church regularly.
If you live by your beliefs and try to uphold your faith - then you will be true to your religion.
It's possible to be a regular church goer but not a true Christain because it's the way you live and believe that's important.
If you try to help others, live a good life and keep to your faith then you'll be living by your Christan principles whether or not you go to church or quietly go about your daily life in a manner true to the teachings of Christianity.
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Mary Frederick
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It surely is the way we live which makes the difference! Going to Church to worship, or going to mountains to worship is of little value unless we live a life of love for God, self and others!
carol washington
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You have really touched on a valid point about those who attend and not true Christians.
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Going to Church does not make you a Christian. The Bible says that we, the believers are the church. If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is the son of God and that he died for our sins and on the third day he arose then you will be saved. That's what it means to be a Christian. I never learned to drive. When my husband died I found it difficult and sometimes impossible to go to church. I watch my church on TV. It isn't the same and I do miss the fellowship, but I don't worry about my salvation. I know I am secure in Christ.
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God seek the hearth in every person.some believe that by showing up in church will save them ,well they better thank different.some does it as a duty on sunday.sit in church ,and they rest of the week they do nothing but look at stories on tv and gossip on the phone.come sunday they dress up and go to church.what about going and doing something good for your neighbor / friend or a sick person that need some one .wake up people
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As a Christian if you truly live for the lord, you will be in church regular.
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I saw many people, who r very good believers but they don go to church. Most of them r born again christians.. But the family members who r non believers ll not leave them to church.. This is the main reason which i saw in my country
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The Bible says forsake not the assembling together of yourselves. Remember though we don't know what that person is going through or what is going on in thier lives. We need to pray for them and ask God to show them thier shortcomings.

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