Can we die?


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You can die crossing a street. It really isn't a matter of "can", but one of when. Don't be stupid, take care of yourself, and you will have more quality time on this planet.

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The current evidence we have, shows that everything dies.

The spark goes out and the that is the end.

This is what we KNOW . . . What some people choose to BELIEVE . . . Well that is different. 

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Can we die?


1- Might be better to get someone else to do it for you. I passed a shop which had a sign in the shop window saying:

We will die for you!

If you're thinking of using your life savings to buy an air ticket to come and join a long queue outside the shop, then don't. There is no queue outside the shop, and they spelt the word dye instead of die. It was a laundry shop.

2- I notice you didn't ask "Do we die?" That's presumably because you know of the phrase "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Well actually that's not strictly true. There are rich countries, such as Qatar, where the citizens pay no taxes. However, there is no country I know of where citizens don't die.

3- If by "Can we die?" you mean "Are we allowed to voluntarily take our own lives?" then in most countries the answer would be no. Just like being born is not a decision you voluntarily made, dying is not a decision you're allowed to voluntarily make. Fate [and since that is not really a person it means God] makes those decisions.

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Unfortunately, yes we die. But we have a hope to look forward the bible. It tells us at John 5:28, 29 that there will be a resurrection, the opportunity to see our loved one's again. So although  we may die. That doesn't have to be our end. I often visit for questions that need to be annswered.

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Of course it happens to people everyday.  Ecclestiates 9:10,  "Whatever your hand finds to do,do with all your might,for there is no work nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom in the Grave,where you are going." 

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Well my last trip to the hospital was a pleasant one. I was immeadately flown flight for life to a hospital in another city.  The first ER doc said the only working organsa were my brain heart and lungs that he was flying me out but told my family that I would be dead by the time the plane touches ground.  Well make a long story short I lived but spent the next three days in the hospital icu four days ion the floor, two months in rehab and just got out of a week hospital stay where they did my tenth surgery.  One more surgery in two weeks.  The three day in icu I felt I was fighting the devil.  He kept trying to drag me to hell..  To answer your question can we die!  But only I when God says your job on earth has been completed.  Everyone has their own opinion, but I base mine on this incident, Surviving: Two heart attacks, two explosions, a double stabbing, being hit by a car twice, 6 concussions, three life threatening motorcycle accidents, 17 assaults, each and every one of these could have easily killed me, but my job on this earth isn't done!  That is my opinion, you respect mine and I will likewise respect yours!

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Sir, I'm so glad you are home now. I hope what they did works. Yin keeps me updated and I appreciate it so much. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday!
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Thanks to and for the both of you!

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