How would you describe the perfect scene of peace and tranquility?


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Being out in nature along some body of water. No man made noise to be heard.

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When the only thing you see and hear is nature. I consider myself fortunate to be able to witness this every day. At least until I leave the mountain top for work or other reasons. Sunrise is always the most peaceful and tranquil time for me.

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Ancient Hippy answered

A hammock in the middle of the forest, waiting for me to take a nap.

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An epsom salt floatation pod. I didn't feel any pressure points while I was floating

~sheer bliss~

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Just Ice answered

To billions around the world the perfect scene of peace and tranquility would probably be the idea of paradise described repeatedly in the HQ as GARDENS WATERED BY RUNNING STREAMS.

According to the self confessed agnostic Jew in this short TED video presentation below, Americans in the Northwest are living very close to the real Qur'anic idea of paradise.

She apparently lives on a houseboat on the running stream of Lake Union and while that Qur'anic description makes perfect sense to her she wonders how come it's news to most people.

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Darik Majoren answered

Sitting upon a thick moss growing on a flat rock that jets out safely from a lofty cliff , that overlooks a bay where several shards of land juts into the ocean. The sounds is of the surf crashing on the jagged rocks below, and the sea gulls calling across the water.

The smell is a mixture of the earth you sit upon and the salty warm salt air gently blowing across your face . . . The setting sun still shines it's warm light and it engulfs your entire body both warming it and giving light enriched nutrients. Your breath is calm, and cleansing with each inhale and exhale lasting long enough to be comfortably enriching your blood with the pure oxygen you take in . . . Your mind is clear, only taking a moment here and there to reflect upon the most happiest times in your life, that causes the occasional smile or even slight chuckle to come across your face. You want to embrace the calmness by closing your eyes, but the light dancing on the water has you mesmerized by its beauty.

You are at peace, and at one with the nature around you.

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