How Would You Describe A Perfect Day?


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Jane Snow answered
I would describe my perfect day for you is when you have learned to love and not hate doing the day that you have been bless with. Even when you are misunderstood even when you tell the truth to those that you love and they turned away from you with anger and you only continue to love when you know you have did all you can do to help. And if they came back to you, you would forgive and forget their fought's and welcome them back into a relationship. My other example is when you have learned to live and enjoy your day no matter what troubles and things that have happen but to live and listen to the birds and smelled the flowers and listen to the wind blows and the waters beating up against the rocks in the pond. And when first you stop and give God praise for all he has done and for all of the blessings he has bestowed upon you and how he has kept you from all hurt ,harm and danger.And to know that this could be your last day that you choose to love all of creation no matter what this is my perfect day.
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rebecca simmons answered
I would describe a perfect day as a day where you manage to help other people and have nice things happen to you! Where nothing goes wrong, yet you still get all the nice feelings! And of course the sun would have to be out.
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Arthur Wright answered
When nothing else goes wrong and I can actually make someone elses day a little better than it was going and Im still alive when I go to bed tonite
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
Right now, one when I am not the biggest clutz on the planet, lol I almost broke a lamp yesterday, just being clumsy of late. I will get that straightened out soon I hope, and then a perfect day, hmmm No heart ache for all the miseries in all of our lives.
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Its different for every one so if you want to compare it with some one , and then decide your own Perfect day , Id say that would be misleading.I cant tell mine cause I dont kno yet ;)

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