If magic was real, what is the first spell you would learn?


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PJ Stein answered

Something to take the arthritis pain away from my pup Arabella.

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Otis Campbell answered

How to cure mysrlf and others from arthritis.

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Darik Majoren
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I watched my grandmother be crippled by this disease, and it broke my heart.
She was such an active person who LOVED to bake . . . I miss her dearly.
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Wesley Crusher answered

If you ever played the Sims. There's a code called testingdebugcheats.enabled and you would be able to control the slider for all the needs of a Sim.

Imagine that but for humans. Never hungry, never tired, never lacking social interaction.

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Charisma . . . To get the weak minded to do my bidding . . . MUhahaha!

"These are not the droids you are looking for, you're free to go about your business . . . Move along." . . . (waves hand) . . .

"These are not the droids we are looking for, you're free to go about your business . . . Move along." - Trooper

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The first spell would be to allow me to tie several spells into my first spell, and these several spells would include:

- any stubborn unstoppable person who sets out to kill, injure or harm others should end up doing so to him/herself only

- hate and prejudice should vanish and be replaced by inclusion and open communication

- that the billions being poured into cutting edge killing technology should go into reducing the increasing disparity in the world until there is an equal balance in world trade, prosperity, health, education, human dignity etc

But alas, magic remains unreal and so do those wishes.

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Just Ice
Just Ice commented
1- when you talk about God as in "both God and mortal are performing the EXACT same act" then the issue of God as "a being you cannot see or prove" doesn't arise but when I talk about the same two characters you make it an issue that God is "a being you cannot see or prove" !!!??? Mind you not that I ever said that God is a being I can see and prove.

2- It's a thought exercise that seems to be going all over the place and doing funny things itself, as if out of control, under a spell.

3- So you sincerely believe magicians actually suspend the laws of nature for the duration of their magic? And I thought atheists had a higher level of skepticism.
Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren commented
I think perhaps you either lack the understanding of what I put forth, OR I have not communicated it well enough.
I maintain that a magician uses illusion. With respect a scenario where actual magic and miracles were real, I would find them identical acts. This would, of course, be the same scenario where vampires and werewolves could exist.
Just Ice
Just Ice commented
1- I suspect your claim "[you] lack the understanding of what I put forth" is most probably right.

2- It's good to establish that we both agree that "a magician uses illusion" he does not suspend the laws of nature.

3- Miracles on the other hand claim to be actual suspensions of the laws of nature. The parting of the sea is not related to us as an illusion it is related to us as a miracle. That means it is related as a suspension of the laws of nature which in turn made the parting of the sea an actuality that allowed Moses and his people to get across on dry land.

4- Part of the problem is that whereas we still have a lot of magicians around all busy performing illusions, we no longer have people performing miracles. So we cannot witness the laws of nature being suspended at a miracle worker's will.

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