Is There Any Magic Spell That Would Make Someone Fall For You?


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Yes of course there are magic spells to make some one fall in love with you I tried one once and 24 hours later the boy of my dreams asked my out and then a day later we had a moment and then we kissed and he is not obsessed with me
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Yes, there is. Just be yourself!! That is what most people like. Never try to attract physically, that wont be wise to do. It will give them a wrong picture about you. Just be nice, warm and don't let the other guess that you are dying to make him/her fall for you!! That really degrades the position of a person...I feel so.
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Sure. Sell your soul and become everything THEY have ever wanted. But if you want to BE in love with someone, stop trying to choose a person. True you have to date and get to know people, but love will pick a heart to call home. Of course, I am a poet and this may all be mindless dribble. But there you have it. 
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Yes here it comes:
I love you!
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Okay, facts:
1. Sure, there are magick spells that could make people fall for you. But there are serious repercussions, like they become obsessive, hang off you, etc...
2. There are not many spells which can reverse the effects of a magick spell that can affect the well being of another person. Only one way out: DEATH, sometimes anyway...
3. Withcraft has a rule: Harm none(which translantes into a longer meaning of don't harm, change or affect another person, with the power of magick!)
Well, thats my answer, thanks
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I want to no the websites as well tell me please....x
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Yes, It works. Love is endless and everyone want to feel it. Everone wants that someone care her/him. Love is divine bond between two partner. Couple pleadged to each other to spend whole life happily. If your love is true and you want him/her at any cost then first believe in yourself and then respect each other. If you want to get dream girl and you are unable to get him/her then spell caster can help you. They generally give result within 72 hours. Undoubltably some are fraud. But, one specialist is in my contact he will help you. Visit  - Get Love Back Spell. 

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There are people out there who will tell you all about spells to make people fall in love with you . Don't believe it magic doesn't work that way, you cannot force someone to do something .
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Yup! There are spells like that and they work too.
Just that, It might come under Black Magic and might require too much weird stuff to do!
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I need a way to let my crazy husband see only me,because I'm tired of his  cheats,if I do black magic to someone, it's because I hate him.
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I have fallen in love with a friend I live with we are two men can I make him feel the same towards me
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Hey I`m 12 and used a spell to make this girl love me it worked sorta she loves me but she is 2 shy and totally avoids me I love her back but she blushes every time she sees me so it`s hard to confess heeeeeeelp
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Yes I know one sugerplum! But it takes practice..... And a lil' bit of magic! But it works.... Under the extremes. Its quite easy though hon!
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Yes, there is actually I have a couple of them and there are web sites that can show you some spells.. Hope this helps.. Let me know if you want any web site names

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