Do you agree that people feel a sense of loss when they are forced to change their beliefs and mental models?


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Do you agree that people feel a sense of loss when they are forced to change their beliefs and mental models?

1- Yes, of course. That's implicit in the words "forced to".

2- When the Romans adopted Christianity as the official religion of the state and forced it in their empire people had no option but to change their beliefs over time. The same happened in the Spanish Inquisition when anyone who was suspected of following beliefs other than those of Roman Catholicism was forced to recant.

3- People who refused to change were given the option of leaving with bare possessions. Those who felt very strongly and could leave did so. Many Jews were rescued from the Spanish Inquisition by Turkey where they remain to this day.

4- The so called Pilgrim Fathers who sailed to America also preferred to leave their ancestral country rather be forced to change their beliefs.

5- Being forced to change one's beliefs means being forced to suspend the practice of one's beliefs and instead practice the beliefs of those who have authority within a given boundary, for as long as one is within that boundary. For example, people in a certain city had the habit of spitting wherever they were and obviously believed it was okay to do so. However, on boarding a bus they'd find a notice prohibiting spitting on the bus. For as long as they were on the bus they were forced to suspend the practice of their belief and adopt the practice of the beliefs of the bus company.

6- Perhaps it's a sign of maturity if all beliefs are open to frequent questioning and challenges to ensure they have some sort of justification and if we are prepared to abandon beliefs that have no, or have lost their, justification.

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Of course. What you have believed, possibly for your whole life, is now gone, for whatever reason. The other answers are answering n the sense of religion, but there are other instances where this happens. People find out they are adopted, or were told things about their ancestors that were not true.  What you have known and emotionally "banked" on is now crumbing away. You are going to feel a loss.

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Forced because I have a new understanding of reality that makes so much more sense that my previous so-called understanding simply vanishes?---No.

Forced because I was dealing with information that was incorrect and has now been corrected?---No, I wouldn't feel a sense of loss---it would be more of a feeling of relief.

Arbitrarily forced---Yes.

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No one can force you to do anything. The bible itself explains that God wants us to serve him willingly, not begrudgingly. I would suggest having a personal bible study of your own, really study the scriptures  and pray sincerely  to God for you to understand his will and make application.  Hope this is helpful.

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Depends upon the actual meaning "Force to" . . . If one were to mean by literal Force, one doesn't change their beliefs . . One merely hides their beliefs. You cannot force a person to stop believing something . . .

To stop believing something you would have to make the mental connection yourself of disbelief . . . And even then it can take a long time to thoroughly change your previous belief system.

Now if one is basing their beliefs on actual evidence, and they NEED evidence to justify their beliefs, then the lack of evidence can be seen as them being forced to disbelieve based on their NEED for evidence. This usually happens when the concept of "Faith" is not enough on it's own.

As a de-converted Christian I can tell you there is some "loss" associated in not having the belief. But I also identify the "Loss" as indoctrinated untruths to help perpetuate the need in the belief in the first place. I prefer freedom of thought to the shackles of indoctrinated untruths and the feeling of "loss" grows smaller each day. 

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Well, I'm not sure what country you are from, but I live in the United States. No one can force me to change my beliefs. Anyone is free to give me a compelling argument for changing what I believe in, but they need to make a pretty good case for it. Otherwise, they can believe whatever they want and leave me alone to do the same.

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