Do you agree that we are born with a sense of morality, or do you believe morality is something that is taught? Does our assessment of what is “right” or “wrong” depend on the consequences?


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Niki Wright answered

Morality in most cases is taught. Our assesment between right and wrong depend on those nearby to influence us.

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Lelouche Bad , :), answered

Man is the only creation who was born without any sort of knowledge NOTHING ! We had nothing when we were born. As one cannot create shapes beyond what he has seen , man cannot create anything unless pieces of it are provided. GOD is the source of knowledge , the one who puts man into test while being independent of it. The one who created the concept of "creating", the one who created communication, the one who created concept. The one who created everything and was independent from the start. and No i dont think it depends upon consequences.

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