Do you think evolution is a rational explanation of mans origin?


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In reference to what can be seen and measured. Some believe in devolution see "Qliphoth"

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Q "Do you think evolution is a rational explanation of mans origin?"

1. No one can deny that it is an explanation

2. However, it is not the only explanation

3. Bear in mind also that rational simply means following logical reasoning. An explanation can be rational but that does not necessarily mean

a] that it is complete

b] that it is correct

c] that it is fully scientific > that it can be demonstrated to work

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IT is not only widely accepted as Scientific Fact, but it and genetics are used to base most of the modern healthcare for your medical interactions . . .

We are from an evolved species RELATED (Close cousins) to bonobos and chimpanzees.

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Based on the volume and corroboration of evidence, evolution is the most rational and comprehensively supported explanation of all known origin theories.

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This is a beginning world.

Everything is evolving at its own

individual rate. If you were to take the scale

of evolution to its extreme you would find light at the end.

We are light that lives forever. Kirlian photography will let you

see yourself.

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