I know the bible condemns laziness, but what if it comes with depression? Is it still a sin? I've done a fair amount of research but suddenly feel like my depression and sleeping habits are sinful. Any input?


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Stop thinking that way please. It appears the Word has been twisted as it was represented to you. Laziness in the Bible is refering to those who CAN work but won't! The ones who are completely healthy but refuse to get off their butt and at least volunteer to help somewhere! The Bible is not refering to those who clearly can not work due to disability or mental health issues which your depression IS a mental health issue and your "sleeping" habits are a result from your mental health issue! Please don't fret another moment on this and feeling "sinful!" You work on getting yourself better so you can get out of bed and start working. Good luck to you.

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Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me, because I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light".

Matthew 11:28-30

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Mood swings are natural. Low and high is part of living. Bible has nothing to do with it nor will it.

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Sure, so the Bible was written by men and NOT inspired by any God/Gods . . . Real Diagnosed "Clinical Depression" has a certain "drain" on ambition as part of it's many bad traits . . . While these are not in your control and no amount of Prayer EVER changed anything . . . I would say take comfort in knowing that "Sin" is not even a thing . . . Just that realization alone will lift a huge weight from your shoulders.

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Debbie Harrington
sin is not a thing lol
Darik Majoren
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I know you hold value in it's meaning because of your belief, but if someone doesn't believe as you do, they may not place value on it, in any way.
Just as you place no value in "Free Thinking" . . . to you it might be that "Free thought" isn't a thing.
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Sure---but first let's just correct some of the errors in the above answers.

Here's the reality:

1)  The bible was written by men who were inspired by the Abrahamic God.

2) Prayer helps you to deal with the challenges of life.

3)  Sin is real, but it takes a while to understand the concept.

There are four levels of biblical interpretation: The first application is the literal application.  The second is the allegorical application or “hint of something deeper”.  The third is the practical application--- how the text can apply to you directly.  The fourth is the mystical or hidden meaning.

Now, leave all that to the professional exegetes---those whose job it is provide a critical explanation or interpretation of scriptural text. 

Try to read the bible for encouragement, not for a list of possible personal failures that you need to correct in yourself.  The "gospel" is literally, "good news"---so read it and interpret it that way.

And as YoWanna Cook answered indicated the "condemnation" of laziness does not refer to legitimate rest.

The condemnation of laziness follow from the fact that God's Word makes it very clear that we are instructed to work hard and put our best effort forward.

When you read the bible, remember that the Abrahamic God that inspired the writers to write the bible is at least as good as the best person you could possibly imagine.  His intent is to help us, not indict us.

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Darik Majoren
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I love how you went on and on, "limping" around the want for "No True Scotsman" as your only retort . . .
Then the rest just red herrings and word salad . . . a veritable feast of nonsense to avoid addressing Faith and you NOW new role in firmly laying claim to No other Gods exist . . . yet you still bear burden of proof to the contrary . . . your apologetics are weak . . . back to the books with you sir.
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This is another of the replies you have made in response to my last posts.

One of the many tips I have learned from my lawyer is that when someone responds to a proposal with a silly or simply unacceptable's best to just ignore it.

Great advice---and "entirely spot on.".
Darik Majoren
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I see you are firmly affixed to be painted in a corner on this discussion . .
Feel free to share ACTUAL worthy debate.

Psst . . . it helps to address the questions put to you, rather then slander and duck and weave to avoid looking the fool.
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its normal to get depressed. I feel low sometimes. A sin? I don't believe so. But God doesn't want us to have self pity on our selves.

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Ask God to cleanse you of your depression and fill you with the holy spirit. Last time I was really depressed I had to go the store and I seen this homeless man counting his change and I no longer pitied myself their were so many other people less fortunate then me God showed me this and it was a wake up call.

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Darik Majoren
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That may SEEM like depression to you, but people who actually suffer clinical depression have chemical imbalances in their brain . . . you cannot relate because it seems to ME that you were just feeling down one day and this realization caused by seeing someone else was more misfortunate then you and it made you HAPPY? . . . Or even JOYFUL and BLESSED . . tells me you are not CLINICALLY DEPRESSED . . . .
Make story a better one and tell us how you helped this man WITHOUT witnessing to him . . .
You cannot "Pray" chemical imbalance away. If you wanted to maintain your belief system . . . why not say to the poster that "God made you this way. Clinically Depressed and suicidal . . . take some small semblance of joy in knowing that."
Debbie Harrington
Yes you can I'm proof of that.
Darik Majoren
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Sure, you have been CLINICALLY diagnosed as being Bi-polar or having Depression? . . .
And just thinking a "Happy Thought" . . . "Fixed" this for you?
Then you were either misdiagnosed lying or were never diagnosed but simply felt down or blue one day . . .

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