what is best god in the world?


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I agree with Darik.

However, if you MUST follow a god, then one of these:

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It is fair to say that every believer would name the primary figure of their own faith as the best, though that is as it is intended to be, isn’t it.

To me, the best god is the one that motivates people to do good works, live in harmony, and pursue their dreams in this life. Not one among the legion of man’s gods holds a monopoly on these. Not one of these goals can’t be accomplished without gods. Therefore, to my eyes, no god is better than any other.

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Tom  Jackson
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I find that the way of life to which the Abrahamic God has inspired me to follow puts Him first in my book by your criteria.

But I would certainly agree not everyone who says they follow Him are so motivated.
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That’s really the key, I think: That following it (or Him, as the case may be) fosters a life of dignity and purpose.
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Yes, I've always felt that even if a god did not exist, the way of life proposed by "Catholicism" is not a bad way to live.

And since we are required at any rate to form our own conscience and not blindly accept the Church requirements for our "moral" actions, I have found it over the years to be a beneficial, meaningful, and useful way to live.

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There is only one God the Christian God.

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Darik Majoren
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The difference between what? . . .
I am guessing you only studied Abrahamic Theology then, because older religions Are very much real, and the text containing their story are older then the new testament stories of Jesus dying on the Cross . . . .
Head back to Bob Jones University for another round or at least finish your degree . . .
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@ Debbie Harrington commented 3/31/2018
"What other God died for mankind none" >>>> too true. God, by definition, is immortal. So If a "god" dies then it proves that it was not immortal and therefore was never god in the first place.
Darik Majoren
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Just Ice - there are MANY other religions were a Man/God or Demigod sacrifices their life to save humanity . . . the story of Jesus is most likely just a copy of one of these other versions . . . but I get and agree with your point.
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The best God is the God who loves his children.

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God don't have children. He don't need spouse or children. He is, by definition, above all needs.
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Q "what is best god in the world?"


If it is god with a small g, and if by "best" you mean most powerful, then it has to be the USA. Who, in this world, can call it to account?

If you mean God, with a capital G, the one credited with the creation of the universe, then of course there is only one. So the question of which one is best, doesn't arise. However, this creator God is described in many scriptures and one can ask which scripture describes Him best. You can compare those descriptions and decide. You might find that the Muslim scripture, the HQ [Holy Qur'an] aka the FT [Final Testament] has the best and most extensive description of Him.

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Do anyone know Shiva God in Tibet? Actually, it is not a western God mentioned in the Bible. The legend of the Shiva God has a close relationship with Tibetan Buddhism. Mt Kailash is the residence of Shiva God where is regarded as the center of the world.

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I believe in Buddhism, and I pray it every day ,according to my understanding of the religions, I think ,each of them is good, the main is to understand what they teach to us, and think it over, the wrong and the right, as we have the right and choice to believe.

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No gods are best gods. God is figment of your imagination there isn't one. If there is one? He/she isn't for you or against you. You have to do everything by yourself to yourself for your solace. Stay away from parasites who make living in the name God putting fear into people.

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Well since there ARE no Gods . . . I guess it would be the realization of that idea . . . That would be the MOST freeing, and Best Belief in the world . . . It has been so for me for the last 15 years.

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I welcome it. As always.
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@ Darik Majoren answered 3/20/2018
"Well since there ARE no Gods" >>>> well since you assert that after having scoured every nook and cranny in and out of the universe and since we trust you to have done that thoroughly and simultaneously then we have to accept your finding as correct.
Darik Majoren
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The Claim of things Supernatural SHOULD require extraordinary evidence to back them . . . otherwise why would a skeptical person align mere stories to "Truth" . . .
Do you require any evidence to anyone claiming the validity of the existence of Thor, Zeus or Osiris? . . . you would most likely consider these to be mere fable or fiction by those who have simply not been exposed to your particular God belief . . .
In the disregard of all these other Gods we share a commonality . . . do we not?

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