Why Are There Are So Many Religions In This World & Which God Is The True God And True Religion?


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There are no gods
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There are so many religions in the world simply because religion is man-made.As for the true God part everyone of them struggle to establish the true God for their man-made religion but history and time mock them and the future too.All humanity will die out before the truth or true God can be established. But we can always attempt to find meaning through collective memory of humanity. May be religion is not the ideal way to re-unite all humanity for that task though, owing to rigidity and barriers etc. A higher and less flawed way must be found to connect all humans...something which would erase the bad programming of religion i.e. No worship, no prayers, no churches, temples, synagogues or mosques which are the main culprit in truly wreaking havoc on all human spirit on earth.Once religion is gone and unity of all is established then would our collective consciousness be pure enough to find answers. Right now it's just a mess! God has been hijacked by religion.
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Okay. Um... that person gave you their opinion, here's mine. It's not meant to offend. I don't believe in God, this is why I can say this. And again, this is just what I think and this is just my theory. I'm NOT saying anyone is wrong by believing what they want.
I believe that God and the Bible were created by the rich population to keep the poor population "in line." Of course this would have taken place an extremely long time ago. So once people knew that this method would keep people in line, more and more people started making stories with their own beliefs and rules in hope to make others follow. So in the end, it just became this big thing.
And also, not having a religion, I am extremely afraid of death. Because I mean, I believe that nothing happens to me when I die. Do you know how depressing that is? It would be nice to have something to believe in so you can feel a little better about death and what will happen afterwards.
I also think that people wanted to create a God to have someone to blame imperfections on. Not just personal imperfections, but imperfections in the world and the environment. And it's just an easy answer for everything. I mean, not knowing about stuff scares people. So why is this like this, well because God made it that way. Simple answer.
The Bible's story contadicts itself all over the place, not only with other lines within itself, but also with scientifical proof we have today.
So really, there are so many religions because people made them that way. It is your choice to pick which one to believe is true, if any.
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I am a christian, but you have to be rich to donate to charities, correct? Otherwise you would be in the charity?
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Y'all chill out. I'm Christian too. Being self-righteous and snobby "i wanna see you try to be more wrong than right now" is the reason people think Christians are self-righteous and snobby. The whole idea of Christianity is being nice to people even if they don't share your views. Jesus preached to the Samaritans and God sent Jonah to Ninevah. Miss Taylor. I'm not trying to tell you how to run your life. But listen. Every Christian basically believes that we're all supposed to be following Jesus' example. He never said "if you are not a Christian, you will spend eternal life baking in hell". Based on that logic, Gandhi and Thomas Jefferson are going to hell. What I'm really saying is that Sydni, I think you're wrong, but I'm not the boss of you, so believe what you want (maybe do some more research with an open mind though), Joe and Taylor, chill out and try to be nicer. Maybe you'll convert more people that way. Honey and Vinegar you know? and Kellyn? Sweetie? you don't have to be rich to donate to charities. and not being rich does not automatically put you in the charity. Have you read the story about the lady who put a few pennies into the collection plate and Jesus said that she had put in more than all of the rich men combined because they had given out of their excess while she had given all she had. That is all.
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The whole idea of Christianity is not being "nice" to people. It's about giving your life to Christ and abandoning everything you think you know in return for the truth of Christ. We're supposed to convert unbelievers, and refuse to associate with self proclaimed "Christians" who are worldly. 

And yes, He did say that. Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, all other roads lead straight to hell. Mother Theresa is burning in hell right now because she lead thousands of people away from Christ and into hell. It isn't about the outward things that appear good and righteous, it's the condition of your heart toward God. And most people don't even know a sliver of the truth of the Bible because they've been fed nothing but lies their entire lives.
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If god could stop all suffering, I wouldn't have to be a Buddhist anymore.
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As a Christian I understand why the answer to this question is so important to you. If there is one true religion that that means there are a lot of false ones. Did you know the bible answer your exact question - and in great detail! Take a look at the bible-based explanation below and feel free to cross reference them with your own copy of the bible :)

1. Is there only one true religion?

Jesus taught his followers only one religion, the true religion. It is like a road leading to everlasting life. Jesus said: “Few are the ones finding” that road. (Matthew 7:14) God accepts only worship based on his Word of truth. All true worshippers are united in one faith.—Read John 4:23, 24; 14:6; Ephesians 4:4, 5.

2. What did Jesus say about false Christians?

Jesus warned that false prophets would corrupt Christianity. Outwardly, they seem like true worshippers. Their churches claim to be Christian. But you can recognize such people for what they really are. How? Only true worship produces genuine Christians with recognizable qualities and ways.—Read Matthew 7:13-23.

3. How can you recognize true worshippers?

Consider these five identifying marks:

True worshippers respect the Bible as God’s Word. They strive to live by its principles. So true religion differs from religion that is based on men’s ideas. (Matthew 15:7-9) True worshippers do not preach one thing and practice another.—Read John 17:17; 2 Timothy 3:16, 17.

Jesus’ true followers honor God’s name, Jehovah. Jesus honored God’s name by making it known. He helped people to know God and taught them to pray that God’s name be sanctified. (Matthew 6:9) Where you live, which religion makes God’s name known?—Read John 17:26; Romans 10:13, 14.

True Christians preach about God’s Kingdom. God sent Jesus to preach the good news of the Kingdom. God’s Kingdom is the only hope for mankind. Jesus continued speaking about it until his dying day. (Luke 4:43; 8:1; 23:42, 43) He said that his followers would preach about it. If someone approaches you to speak about God’s Kingdom, to which religion does he likely belong?—Read Matthew 24:14.

Jesus’ followers are no part of this wicked world. You can recognize them by the way they take no part in politics or social conflicts. (John 17:16; 18:36) Also, they do not imitate the world’s harmful practices and attitudes.—Read James 4:4.

True Christians have outstanding love for one another. From God’s Word, they learn to respect all ethnic groups. Although false religions have often strongly supported the wars of the nations, true worshippers refuse to do so. (Micah 4:1-3) Rather, true Christians unselfishly use their time and resources to help and encourage others.—Read John 13:34, 35; 1 John 4:20.

4. Can you identify the true religion?

Which religion bases all its teachings on God’s Word, honors God’s name, and proclaims God’s Kingdom as mankind’s only hope? Which group practices love and shuns war? What do you think?—Read 1 John 3:10-12.

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I suppose that answering very old questions in order to get your religious propaganda across is one approach.
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Actually, GOD created ALL the religions, with all of their Truths, Half-Truths and outright falsehoods (lies) in order to address the varied states of consciousnesses in the world.  Immature SOULS are attracted to the falsehoods and suffer accordingly.  As those SOULS mature, they are more attracted to the Truths of that religion.  Then, when they've learned all they can...they move on.

This world is a school that GOD sends IT's Children to, in order for them to learn and grow.  One cannot learn everything in one life so many thousands of lifetimes are required in order to complete the full development, purification and Enlightenment of SOUL. 

Like any good university, Earth has many different approaches to (SOUL'S) education..ie..Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hindu etc. There has been civilization on this planet for over 2 million years.  Every so often, GOD wipes the slate and history begins again.  But, no SOUL is ever lost or forgotten about.

GOD doesn't lose HIS Children, HE just PERFECTS THEM.  Over time, all SOULS eventually graduate from this school as new SOULS come in to take their place.  There are trillions of worlds like Earth, in this dimension and higher dimensions.  GOD's Creation is quite vast.

Your destiny is one day, be the PERFECTED SOUL and be a CO-CREATOR with GOD in All Eternity.  BLESSINGS..!!

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David Apollos , TRUE RELIGION, answered

First, you must understand that true religion has a base foundation of true teachings. If your present religion is teaching things that are true and some things that are not truth, then you have not found the true religion; though you yourself may be a God-fearing individual. This is why Jesus initiated the house to house preaching campaign; so that right-hearted people can learn the whole truth. When one is searching for the truth he or she should make sure that his religion of choice is teaching the truth; first on the basic things. If the basic things that your religion of choice are correct according to the bible; then your biblical examination can proceed from a solid foundation. There are 4 popular teachings, that has engulfed most religions today. They are: (the soul is immortal and it cannot die) (Hell is a place of torment) (All true Christians go to Heaven) (Jesus and God are one and the same). All of these teachings are popular and yet they are all false. Thus, all but one religion on earth teaches one or more of these teachings. If your religion teaches any one of these teachings, then you have not found the true religion; though you may be God-Fearing. The only religion that does not tech any of these teachings are Jehovah Witnesses.; because they are all false teachings. Jehovah Witnesses can show you from your bible that these teachings are false! If you want to contact me at my email, then I can show you from your own bible that these teachings are false.

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Christianity started thousands of years ago with Jesus Christ. He established one true church when He told Peter that He was His rock.

But fast forward a couple thousand years and we have approx 33,000 different denominations which have branched off.


Because it's hard to be a real Catholic Christian. It involves sacrifice (which is real love of course) and it involves worship (in today's society most people can't be bothered...they're too wrapped up in their wordly ways) and it involves faith (again some are just too wrapped up/self absorbed/self sufficient)

Some people walk around saying they believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and yet they have no problem with abortion.

Catholics of course oppose any killing of innocent life (just like Jesus would).

The true religion is the one which holds true to the Blessed Trinity of God the Father, God the Son..Jesus Christ  and God the Holy Spirit
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The reason there are so many denominations is because at some point people begin to believe that leaving and starting over would be better than fixing the problems there are. That's what happened with Martin Luther way back when. Sure there was a bunch of stuff wrong with the Church then, nobody denies it, but at some point he decided that starting over was better than fixing problems. And that has continued to happen ever since.
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I know what the true religion is. But I challenge you to find it for yourself. If you are truly truly seeking you will find Him. I can tell you the true religion. I just think that if you search for yourself, when you find it you will see the truth of it more so. God is not insecure: He's confident. Ask your questions about God, salvation, the meaning of life, creation. See what "religion adds up best. You digg
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The reason why there is so many religions is because people are taking the real religion and twisting it, to make loads of other religions. I believe that the one and true God is Jesus Christ. Not allah or any other. Ask yourself this question who made you, your mum, who made your mum, your gran, and it will go on, but then read the bible ( king James version)  in Genesis and you will find the first poeple to live on the earth was Adam and Eve, who were created by God, the hard bit to believe is who created God, believe it or not no one did. Its up to you to beileve in him,are you going to accept him or deny him. But in the meantime, pray, read the bible, believe. The true religion, I believe is christainty.
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Dude I don't know I really and truly don't know its comes to when we die we will sufffer our concequences for the wrong God or what ever atheas could be right buddhist couold be rigt christians could be right just don't know research each  one and put your trust in to your descision and shoose bro :)
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There are so many Religions because different people believe different things...you have to decide for yourself which Religion you believe is the true one. There are lots to chose from. Take your time because it is a very important decision...you must pick the one you believe makes the most sense. Read the Sacred texts of different Religions and see which one means most to you. As for me, I'm a Christian and I love Lord Jesus.
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God (the trinity and jesus) is the true god. He made us the commandments by what we should follow. The seventh day adventist religion is the true religion. We believe everything that a baptist does xcept we blieve that god designated the seventh day as the true day of worship. Is says that is the 4rth commandment.

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