Do u feel better in church?


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The church doesn’t make you feel better. If you are a kind, caring, honest  person you will always feel better. I’m not against the church at all. I go when I can but I know what I say and do there I also do everyday wherever I am. God is all around.

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No. Never. Preachers/Pastors are too busy laying too thick about guilt jazz and always hassling to contribute more to subsidize their habit and expenses. Main USP theme about salvation. In truth, Christ needs salvation from these toxic elements.

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Yin And Yang answered

In my life personally, yes. But you do have to have discernment. I went to 2 churches before I found my home church. I have visited others also. They are good but God will put you where He wants you. When we moved states, we tried one church and there were many red flags so we found another. So far we are making a place there... But there is still no place like home. I will never find a church quite like the one I had.

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I don't feel uneasy in church. My partner is religious, and I accompany her to church sometimes. She doesn't force me to join her. But church-going can be tedious if you're forced to do it, or behave a certain way once you're there. But this is true of almost any situation. In general, however, sociologists and anthropolgists tend to regard religious rapture as a transcendental, transformative thing (See: Sociology: The Essentials). It man not necessarily change you as a person, may not make you better, but people remain religious because the possibility for transcendental experience is attractive. Of course, this isn't to say that you can experience this if you simply go to church. Some do; most don't. Reminds of this essay David Wallace wrote about what it meant for him to watch Roger Federer in action. Wallace called it a religious experience.

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