What Is An Apparition? Give Me Some Examples Of Apparitions?


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An apparition is very rare, however some have taken place. Basically, an apparition is a vision, in which an external image is seen by a human being. Real apparitions are documented in the bible: Numbers 22:13, Daniel 5:5 and Saint Paul before his conversion.

Sometimes what at first seems like an apparition is really a hallucination or an illusion, which can be self-induced, drug induced or the result of mental illness.

The most famous apparitions are the Marian apparitions such as, Fatima where the Blessed Mother appeared to three young children. At Lourdes, in France the Blessed Mother appeared to Saint Bernadette who was a young girl at the time. In Mexico the Blessed Mother appeared to Jaun Diego in the town of Guadalupe.

When Blessed Mother or someone sent by God appears, it is to bring a message from God to the world.
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My husband pased in 2007 ,last night my son age 43 felt someones hands on his back and saw his father in the room placed his hands on my sons bad back and just moaned as he could not talk the last 2 weks before his death due to coma ,could only mumble mum sound as he did last night ,my son fully awake saw the appar-iation and could not even talk to call me for help ,it was real and exactly as my husband was before his final days,could this have been real h.could he could have come back to heal my son and let him know he is still with us,we are-very upset about this and need answers .thankyou violet
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It is when you see dead people.
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