What Is A Profession Of Faith? Can You Give Me An Example Of This?


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A profession of faith is a statement someone makes about what he/she believes. A profession of faith can be a statement about God or one about something else, a person believes. For instance I can say: I believe what my dad tells me because he is a good person. I believe he would never tell me a lie. We can make such statements about other things as well.

Usually, when one talks about a profession of faith, it relates to one's belief in God and the Word of God found in the Bible. For instance one could say: I believe in God, who is the Maker and Ruler of all creation. He made me, loves me and will watch over me.
I believe in Jesus the Son of God and I believe the Holy Spirit will give me the grace and courage to live as a Christian.
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A profession of the Christian faith is that you state that you believe you are in need of a savior so that you may have eternal life.  This is to say that you can not accomplish this on your own goodness.  Being a good person doesn't save anyone, you need a Savior.

You say then in your profession that you believe that Jesus is the Christ, that He died for your sins, and that by believing you have life in HIS name...not your name.  He is the Savior.  
John 20:31
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Profession of faith is when a person tells their feelings about God and what they believe. For example if I said God is such an amazing father, that would be me telling my beliefs about God. I truely believe that God is an amazing father and I am thankful for him being there for when I feelings help to carry on.

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