What Was The Calendar System Before Jesus Was Born?


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The calendar that is most commonly used today is the Gregorian calendar which was first introduced in 1582 in Italy, with other countries gradually adopting it.

It is sometimes called the Christian Calendar because it was set by the following criteria: Jesus had to have been alive on January 1st, 1 AD and every AD year evenly divisible by four was to be a 366-day year.

The precursor of the Gregorian Calendar was Caesar's design, the Julian calendar. Before the Julian calendar was introduced, priests in the Roman Empire exploited the calendar for political purposes.They inserted days and even months into the calendar to keep their favourite politicians in office! Julius Caesar brought out the Julian calendar to try to re-establish order and uniformity. The Julian calendar was introduced in 45 BC.

Prior to the Julian Calendar the AUC Calendar was used. AUC stands for Ab Urbe Condita, which means "from the foundation of Rome". It was used from 753 BC to 45 BC.

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