The Race Of Jesus-What Race Was Jesus Christ And What Color Eyes Do You Think He Has?


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I couldn't care less what color His eyes was, what color His skin was, how tall He was or how much He weighed.  He is the Son of God, the TRUTH, the WAY and the LIFE and His WORDS are the SEEDS to ETERNAL LIFE.  Luke 6:20 ''Blessed are the POOR, their's is the kingdom of God.
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Jesus was herbrew, a semitic peoples. It is most likely that his eyes were brown.
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First of all what is this red and green eyes about? That sounds more like a demon that our Lord! Jesus was a Jewish Man, living in the Middle East (in Israel). I would say His Eyes would be dark His hair would be dark and thick and His skin a beautiful olive tone. I know Isaiah says that there was nothing outstanding of His appearance that would make people "want" Him, but to me He has always been beautiful. He was a strong Man, He was a carpenter, and was used to hard physical labor. There was nothing weak or wishy washy about Him like some paintings suggest. And I love Him so much I could burst! I can not wait to see Him some day- just like the song "I Can Only Imagine". That was played at my dear husband's funeral last year. ANd he is now seeing his Saviour face to Face. I am really jealous of that!
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A question was asked, and answered. I did not inquire to the purpose, nor does it really matter to me.
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Revelations 1:12-16 read it and see for yourself but ask God to show you with the spiritual eye and not the natural eye.
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Jesus was definitely not African American or White. I believe he has a mixture, probably olive skinned. He also is not wishy washy or feminine as some paintings are done of him. The bible says, He grew in stature and he was a carpenter. Any carpenter I've ever seen  was tall and strong. Definitely has a beard and mustache. Can't wait to see my Lord.
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Like said above, he was a Jew living in the Middle East, though his probable locations hint at very dark skin and black or brown eyes.
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Well if you think about it Jesus was a jew, and I think his descendants were Jews, so I would think he had darker color of skin and probably dark hair and eyes as well
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He was a jew living in the middle eastern region. So it is very less probable that his eye colour would be blue as shown in hollywood movies. He would probably has brown or black eyes. But nobody knows.
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If anyone knows or have read the bible they would know that Jesus a Jew, however, I do not believe he fits the physical descriptions of  modern jewish represantation
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Jesus Christ was a Jewish man. Raised Jewish and read from The Torah.
For a physical description of His appearance;
Physical description of Jesus Christ
It is real, trustworthy and honest.
You will be amazed. Records in Biblical times were kept (Bible!)
They also kept records of all people condemned to death...capitol punishment!
Reads Pilates letter to Caesar (google) and see where copies are as we write!
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I was not guessing this answer.
Simply google-'physical description of Jesus Christ".
Im trying to direct/show yoy an authentic/real record of His appearance/description/looks.
This is a record...recorded. Im not guessing or leading anyone.
Look it up-look into it.
This is not hard!
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Jesus was of the human race and the color in his eyes was light. Each of us try to put him in a box, but forget he is REALLY in all of us and that gives him racial 'coverage'. (That means he was and is and always will be of all races. Try to remember we are all family and it is not very fair and nice to keep trying to find the differences and keep us thinking about thing that separate us.
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First of all Jesus was not a Jew, he was a Nazarene. Second of all, Jesus was not a poor man as some belive, Carpenters were rather rich men in that day and time, besides all the gifts. (remember) that he got when he was born. The only reason he was born in a barn (cave) in a (stone) manger, was because his mother and (daddy) had went to pay their taxes and there was no place else left for them to sleep. Remember? They went to the Inn first but found no room? There are descriptions of jesus all in the Bible if any one actualy decided to (READ) it. He was described as standing out above the crowd so yes he was tall, he wore his hair in the fashion of the Nazarenes, (long and parted in the middle) He was not a hansom man, just common looking, dark skinned and black haired. Remember, The Revelations version was a vision of a Heavenly Christ who was no longer in a human form. White like wool does not mean kinkie it only means white and eyes like a flame of fire? Where did it say they were red? Maybe it ment they glowed or sparkled.

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He was born a Jew, but nobody knows what color his eyes were because the BIble does not tell us this information.
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Revelations 1:12-16 read it and see for yourself but ask God to show you with the spiritual eye and not the natural eye.
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Well for one I think he was more like his mother Mary so how she look might be the answer to look for.
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If God was to choose a form he may choose the tool(body) that was most efficient for the time/place.
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Jacob said that the description of Jesus Christ was he had red eyes and wholly dark hair and that his race is black
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Jesus was obviously not a fair skinned person, he had long wavy like hair but he had some color to his skin, and sorry to say, he was not a Jew, no disrespect, but he was not Jewish. So it says in the Hadeeth, and the Qur'aan. He believed in the One God, he prayed to no other man, he prayed to Allaah, and he did not believe that he was God or had God in him. He was only allowed to do these miracles by the Mercy of His Lord Allaah, just as all the other Blessed prophets were allowed to perform all their miracles, it was only by HIS Permission. Man is not God and God is not man. To make the  Creator human like or give HIM human qualities is blasphemy and degrading HIM. Jesus preached like all the other Prophets and Messengers did, he preached the belief in ONe Creator, Allaah, he never ever said "worship Me"
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Jesus was not Muslim. Just because He believed in one God does not make Him Muslim. I believe in the one and true God Jehovah (I am not a JW) and submit to His will that does not make me Muslim--- It makes me Christian.
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I was having my quiet time in my room.I was so deep in worship when I saw a huge gigantic rock placed infront of me. At the top of the rock was what looked like fierce flames.I was indeed afraid,but when I looked further I saw that it was the face of a flaming Lion which quickly changed to the face of an eagle,and another face which I was unable to recognise. This all happened so fast that I couldn't look further and then I fell on my face instantly and cried saying "no lord,I can't see your fac

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