How Does One Enter Heaven?


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The bible is very clear in that there is no way you can get to heaven by good deeds. God is perfect, holy & pure and we are not - we are far from deserving heaven according to His high standards.

Note: God did not originally create hell for you and me but for the devil and demons - we send ourselves to hell because of our sin - one sin is enough to keep us from going to heaven - so what now? We've already messed up.

God loves us so much that He provided a payment for us that came with a very high price - that's how valuable you and I are to Him.
The question is 'what did God do for you so that even though you don't deserve heaven you can enter?'

He sent His Son, Jesus, who was perfect and had never sinned to pay the penalty of death. Those who put their trust in Him receive forgiveness and heaven. Those who reject Him are left to pay their own sin penalty in eternal (forever) separation from Him.

It's a very fair deal. If eternity is forever and ever, do you think it's important to know where you will spend it?
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There is only one path to go. There is no gray area in this.first a person is urged by the Holy spirit to repentance. Then the choice becomes each persons responsibility either yes I will ask Christ for repentance or No, I choose to not repent/  Unless a man asks Jesus Christ to Save him from His(her sins) with their whole heart their whole mind, and their whole soul. When the proposition is given them. Either a person surrenders to Christ or is cast into the lake of fire. All who are born into this life are pursued by the Spirit of Truth. Unless one is born again they will be cast into the lake of fire. There is no other way. Brother Garrett
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The entrance to heaven is different in different religions. Religions that preach about the existence of Heaven mostly differ on how one can enter it. Almost all of the religions depict that an individual's entry in to heaven is decided from the sins of his life. In the Catholic religion and Anglican Christianity it is believed that "that believeth and is baptized shall be saved." These religions also preach that an individual who has committed sins, must first repent for his sins, once his punishment is over he can enter heaven.
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the bible is clear when it states that 'man is appointed once to die and then judgement.' Meaning, once you die there is no option to ask for forgiveness and pay for your punishment until it's over. God says, 'you will be without excuse' on the day of judgment. The time to obtain forgiveness is before you die...see explanation below from wwwjd4iana
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For those who have heard of god: When they sin,they should ask for forgiveness from god.They should pray regularly and be generous,humble and kind-hearted.For those who are rich,they should not be too obsessed in luxury and forget about those who are suffering.
For those who have never heard of god: They should also be generous,humble and kind-hearted.And again,for those who are rich,they should also not be too obsessed in luxury and forget about those who are suffering.They should also donate some money to charity generously.They don't need to pray as they have never heard of God.But if they have sinned,they should apologise.
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The specific path to heaven is different as per different beliefs but the basic criterion is to do good deeds. These deeds are acts of charity and kindness with the intention to please God. They include protecting the orphan, feeding the hungry, forgiving those who have wronged you etc. Every belief however states that only members of that particular faith will enter heaven and that members of the faith have to practice its form of piety to succeed. The basic intention of this piety is to purify the soul and take one closer to God. Entering heaven also requires one to avoid committing sins and bad deeds.

In literal terms Christianity states that St Peter will hold the keys to heaven and permit those of the Christian faith who have done good deeds to pass, in Islam this job is the responsibility of the angel called Rizwan. Also in most faiths it is stated that after every human has paid the price of their sins they will all enter heaven.
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The verse about St Peter holding the keys to heaven is often mis-interpreted. Jesus is talking to Peter however the keys are not given to Peter but to the church (those who have put their trust in Jesus) as is mentioned in the same passage of scripture.

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