When You Die Does Your Spirit Go To Heaven?


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The spirit that is in man keeping him alive comes from God. When we die, this spirit goes back to God in heaven
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Yes! Death has no terror for the Christian. Read 2Cor.5:8 to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord! Also remember what Jesus said to the repentant thief on the cross? This day thou shalt be with Me in Paradise! Luke 23:43..Read Ecclesiastes. 3:17-22. The spirit of man goeth upward. Vs.21 oh grave where is thy victory? Oh death where is thy sting? 1Cor.15:55...Genaveve
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You only get to Heaven if you're saved( born again) and go by God's rules.
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Yes. Jesus told the thief on the cross "This day you will be with me in paradise. Paul said that to be absent from the body (dead) is to be present with the Lord.

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There's evidence from burials in the paleolithic over 30,000 years ago that people may have had a belief in an afterlife.
People from all periods and all cultures claim to have evidence that the spirit or soul lives after death.
The idea that the soul or spirit and the body are two completely separate entities is very ancient and goes back into the mists of time.
Near death experiences are well documented and people who have technically died for a time claim to have had out of body experiences.
It isn't up to any of us to despute their experiences.
Everyone will have a different view and different experiences and all are worth concideration. We may never come to any firm conclusions but we can bear in mind that experiences on the subject are as old as humans and all cultures hold some 'evidence' for these.
We have no right to undermine or dispute the very real experiences of others in this matter even if we don't share their views.
Nurses in some hospitals here in UK open windows when they believe the soul as left the body in order to allow the spirit to be free to travel home. If that helps the bereaved then who are we to argue?
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I share your beliefs expressed here, who are we to say what happens or doesn't happen, we just can't know for sure. We can only try to live our life as God teaches us so we will be deserving of something greater and be rewarded with an existence that doesn't include all the evils of this world.
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Yes it does if you are Saved and know Jesus as LORD if you have never ask Jesus to save you then no your spirit will not be in heaven. We can talk if you like.
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The spirit leaves te body right before death. Then it goes to get judged as to what the person did or did not do, could of  or should of done before God. Then you go where he sends you. It is in the Bible.
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Agreed with the first answer of course. Your soul and spirit departs for the Temple of God to worship and praise Him who called you. If you have no relationship with Him on Earth however then you perish, lie in the grave, and perish eternally in the everlasting flame. Read the New Testament letters and also the Gospels. Don't forget Revelation.
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Yes in my religion if you believe in Jesus and follow the way you get rewarded with eternity in Heaven if not in Hell!
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Well if you believe entirely in the concept of heaven, than it is un equally  stacked in hells favor
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No jesus will come back and raise the dead then they will go to heaven look it up in the bible it tells.Most people say they go it heaven and the bible says that jesus will come back and raise the dead they lie.Look at the bible and find out for your self it says.
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Their spirit goes somewhere after the body dies so it might as well be there but unfortunately, not all of us will ever make there so  we go to the basement with Gods cousin the Devil and  the hottest resort anywhere
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What is “the force of life”? It is the vital spark of life that God put into the lifeless body of Adam. This force was then sustained by the breathing process. But what is the “spirit” referred to at Psalm 146:4? That verse says of one who dies: “His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground; in that day his thoughts do perish.” When the Bible writers used the word “spirit” in this way, they did not have in mind a disembodied soul that continues living after the body dies. The “spirit” that departs from humans at death is the life force that originated with our Creator. (Psalm 36:9; Acts 17:28) This life force does not have any of the characteristics of the creature it animates, just as electricity does not take on the features of the equipment it powers. When someone dies, the spirit (life force) ceases to animate the body cells, much as a light goes out when the electricity is turned off. When the life force stops sustaining the human body, man—the soul—dies.—Psalm 104:29; Ecclesiastes 12:1, 7.clearly explained what death would mean for the sinner Adam. God said: “In the sweat of your face you will eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken. For dust you are and to dust you will return.” (Genesis 3:19) Adam would return where? To the ground, to the dust from which he had been created. Not to heaven or hell, At death Adam would simply cease to exist!  In this regard, human death does not differ from that of the animals. They too are souls, and the same spirit, or life force, energizes them. (Genesis 1:24) At Ecclesiastes 3:19, 20, the wise man Solomon tells us: “As the one dies, so the other dies; and they all have but one spirit, so that [in death] there is no superiority of the man over the beast . . . They have all come to be from the dust, and they are all returning to the dust.” Man was superior to the beasts in that he was created in God’s image, reflecting his qualities. (Genesis 1:26, 27) Yet, at death humans and animals alike return to the dust.
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The name of God the Merciful
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If you read Rev. 14:1, it gives you a specific number of people God chose as co-rulers with Jesus Christ in heaven. The number states 144,000. This is the first flock. The bible also speaks of a second flock, a large flock of others which who are also righteous. The reason there are two seperate flocks of righteous servants of God is because not everyone is meant to go to heaven. Ask yourself this question, what was Gods orginal purpose for earth when he created Adam and Eve and put them in the beautiful Garden of Eden? Was it so mankind could grow old, get sick, and die? Do you think God wanted us to live in a world where people all over the world die from hunger and disease, just so they can die and go to heaven to be with him? This is not what the bible teaches. We know this was not God's orginal plan for the earth, so why would his plans change now? God's orginal purpose as we can see in Genesis was for the perfect Adam and Eve to fullfill the earth and subdue it and to make the rest of the earth like the Garden of Eden. Ofcourse Adam and Eve sinned against God and lost that beautiful privlege. What a wonderful gift then Jesus's ransom sacrifice really is when we see what opportunity he bought back for us when he died. Is it not!!!!! So as Colin stated before, in Genisis 3:9 when we die we return to dust, we have no thoughts, its like we are asleep because we do not have spirit of life in us anymore. As for the 144,000 that do go to heaven as co-rulers with Jesus Christ, they have to rule over something right? The are going to be the ones who help Jesus judge the righteous and unrighteous during judgement day. When paradise is restored the 144,000 are going to rule as kings and queens over the earth with Jesus. If you have anymore questions or would like to know more about what the bible really teaches, please email me at [email protected] Hope this helps.
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Yes! It dus if you do good and not kliling other pepil or your sailf you will go to hevin!!
And do good things like helping out like serving your time to help at food banks and helping the needes and the poer!! That will help you to go to heaven!!
  God Blesss you all!!
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The idea of heaven isn't really very old in historical terms. The ancient Greeks believed that dead souls went to the underworld and just stayed there, neither punished nor rewarded for what they had done in life. In Old Norse and Germanic myths, men who had died bravely in battle were chosen to go to "Valhalla" where the chief god Odin kept them to be in his army in the final conflict that would signal the end of the world. In Judaism ideas about the afterlife are quie mixed. So the idea that good people go to heaven and bad ones to hell isn't something that people have always believed.

Nobody knows what happens when you die - and that means NOBODY. It doesn't matter whether someone is an archbishop or an expert on theologoy or who they are - they do not know what happens after death, and anybody who claims to know is lying or deluded.
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No thats ridiculous. You just die. But maybe I'm wrong after all I've never died before. But I don't want to believe in heaven. Happiness is just chemicals. If your dead then their are no chemicals and their fore mo happiness. Heaven is supposed to be a place of happiness after you die. Heaven is an oxymoron.
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I don't think that question is one that can be answered here now by anyone! But I have faith it does, if your good or didn't get an opportunity to hear his word!

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