What Does The Term Mahatma Mean?


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The word mahatma is made up of two parts: "Maha" and "Atma". This word Maha means great and can be seen in such Hindi and Sanskrit terms as mahant and maharishi meaning great sages. Mahasattva's meaning is similar to that of mahatma's. The term Mahatma was found in Buddhism but it now extensively used in Hinduism.

The term "Atma" means self or soul. In Hindi and Sanskrit this term is used extensively as atma-jnana meaning knowing or knowledge of the self and atma-svarup which is the essential nature of the self. Atma is the true self, as opposed to one's body, individuality and personality.

On combining these words, the word mahatma to means Great Soul. This title is given to people who are highly developed in spiritual sense. Like Mahatma Gandi and Mahatma Gautam Budh.
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Best answer was from Nyala above. Very good explanation and history for the word's origin. In english it is most often translated as "Great soul".
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Mahatma gandhi is an important person. I'm indian but I don't know what it means... (mahatma gandhi)

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