What Time Is The Time When They Say Most Ghosts And Things Come Out?


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Most people say ghost come out at 3am,because 3am is witching hour.
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I have many books on ghost hunting and spirits ect, and many books say between 12midnight and 3am.
But if they want to make conntact with you they'll do it never mind what time of the day it is : )
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Typically it is believed to be midnight. That is the common perception. But, according to some faiths, it is around 3 in the morning.
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If you've ever seen the show "Paranormal State," they always try to contact spirits/ghosts/demons at 3AM, which they call "dead time." Jesus is said to have died at 3PM, so its opposite on the clock is 3AM, a time for spirits to walk around. Interesting show, by the way.
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I have seen it, but my husband doesn't like it, and doesn't let me watch it when he is home. So, it's a treat for me to see it.
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There are different time frames all over the world so how does a ghost know when to arrive. In China the time is different than in America. So a ghost must appear in different time frames?? THINK NOT.
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To my knowledge ghosts,demons and all other supernatural beings come out at midnight also known as the 'Witching Hour'.
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Although ghosts can be seen at any time, it is 2 am which is the witching hour the time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and easly passed through.
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I would think they ALL come out on Halloween. And also at Midnight, Witching hour. Eighter that, or you don't believe in them at all, like me.
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Ghosts and such things - if they do indeed exist at all - are said to come out at midnight - the witching hour.

This is probably due to the fact that the stroke midnight is in a sense in limbo. Not quite one day or another, not quite today and not yesterday. This parallels the realm of the ghost, an entity that is trapped between worlds, that of the living and that of the dead.

There may also be other reasons why this time is regarded as when ghosts appear. This is because at this time of night, the brain is tired and most likely to be suspectible in as much as it may misinterpret sounds and sights and be easier to trick.

It may also be the case that late at night when a person is tired their sleep pattern is interrupted. Though awake, they may be momentarily slipping into sleepy dreamlike state without even noticing.
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It is not on the stoke of Midnight as the movies suggest. The appearance of most apparitions begin from 12:00am to a high level of activity at around 3:00am. No one is really sure of why this time frame ususally provides the most  paranormal activity. Some paranormal investigators believe it  could be due to some geophysical conditions being at their peak or at its lowest condition, such as barometric pressure, geomagnetic and gravitational fields for the earth at those particular times.
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Most Christians will tell you that they are woken up at 3am to pray. Don't know what that means exactly but it's too much of a coincidence to dismiss it. It has happen to me over and over and over again.
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Oh please! Because you do it you say MOST Christians do it? Do you know "most christians"? (That would be approximately 271 million people). Maybe in your church they do this--but I hardly think that is most Christians. I don't do this. None of my Christian friends do this. No Christian I have ever known has said or done this. I won't challenge whatever your personal experience, but I resent your generalization to "most" Christians. Keep it believable and honest!
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amore01 - my apologies, please let me try to clarify.. I realize now by re-reading my comment it sounded as though I was responding to the question about what time ghosts showed up and that it also sounded as though the majority of Christians wake up to pray to pray at 3am.

I did not make it clear that I was commenting on a prayer time and I'm referring to the ones who wake up to pray - not referring to 'most Christians' in general. What I have said is honest. It is not worth saying if it is not honest.

The statement made was not plucked from thin air. Ask the Lord to show you personally.

Because of the work I do - I have been to a large number of churches - talk to many Christians from different denominations and speak to many internationally.

There are also references on the web i just discovered after reading your comment I decided to do a search to see what others are saying - here's a couple of several found...from the California Prayer Watch - it asks the question - Are You Frequently Being Awaken at 3am?
http://www.threestrandedcord.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=page&page_id=59 Also click on the "Biblical Foundations for Prayer Watching" link.

and on another this statement was made - 24-7 captures the imagination. Young people today are more likely to turn up at a prayer meeting at 3 a.m. than at 7.30 p.m!

Are the Christians you are speaking of the 'born again' kind?

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